Lightroom: Purple Fringing (PF) removement option

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I have some lenses which do produce so called purple fringing (PF) in high contrast situations. This is a flaw in the picture then.
Even though I use Lightrooms lens profiles and the correction function for CAs there still stays some substantial bit.

Now I did play around with the free RawTherapee 3.0 (forgive me for naming a competitor product here) as somebody told me there was a separate Defringing function in there.
I have to say RawTherapee was able to fully remove all PFs in one go, much better than LR.
Now Lightroom is much better generally IMHO and I want to use it alone.
I'd find it wonderful, if a similar feature would show up in Lightroom in the near future.
It does not sound too hard to do.
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LR has a slightly hidden option to remove PF: Lens Corrections -> Manual -> Defringe (at the bottom). It does not work 100% perfectly, but it is very useful in many situations.

The CA corrections do not really help with PF - on the contrary, they may render the "normal" parts of the image worse if only used on the PF.
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This is a duplicate 'Idea', see:

OK to merge, LRuser24? (if not merged fairly soon, I'll vote for it here)

It seems to me too that Lightroom's (sometimes purple) fringe removal is not very effective. On the plus side, it doesn't inadvertently rob the photo of any color when you turn it on.

DxO's fringe removal is very effective, but sometimes sucks the life and color out of areas that aren't even fringy.

There's gotta be some way to tackle that fringe better without affecting color in non-fringy areas.

PS - sometimes there is a fine line between fringe and longitudinal CA. There needs to be a way to remove both - if not automatically, then at least manually.
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I don't think this is a duplicate idea as it suggests to remove purple fringing globally and automatically (as opposed to local hand painting).
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the hand-painting was just one possibility - the 'Idea' was "better fringe removal, any way possible..." - I think I stated that clearly, but ya gotta read all the way to the bottom ;-}

To quote myself from the other 'Idea':

"If it could be done globally and automatically, that would be even better - the objective is better fringe detection and removal. "

The reason for suggesting the ability to apply locally is that the most thorough global/automatic removers I've experienced so far also degrade the image in non-fringy areas. I'm guessing Adobe's present implementation is very cautious/conservative because they also realize its hard to know just what is fringe and what is not, and played it very safe. Anyway, if Adobe could affect fringe areas only, then more power to 'em - go Adobe, let me out of your way...

The goal is to remove the fringe, without removing anything that is *not* fringe - however is best to do that...
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I think this feature-request/idea can be marked "Implemented".

Although I still think there is room for improvement fringe-removal-wise, the current implementation in Lr5 is pretty darn good.