Lightroom: Ability to move/reorder panels in Lightroom in the order I use most

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I would LOVE to be able to move the panels in Lightroom in the order I use them most!
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robert norman

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Posted 9 years ago

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David Dobish, Senior QE Photoshop

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I agree that this would make a nice feature for LR. I have passed it on to the LR team.
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Kees van Surksum

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Happened to come across this thread coincidentally. Nevertheless it struck me to see, that some 7 (!) years ago somebody brought in this idea and obviosuly nothing happened.
If I look back on the last 2 years only, I must conclude, apart from from camera updates and bug fixes Lr (and Ps as well) didn't develop whatsoever. What about the promise Adobe made back in 2013 that CC customers would be offered "continous development"??
To me it seems Adobe has eliminated the R&D department for Lr and Ps completely ...
Not even customer wishes regarding the UI are looked after anymore like:
- undockable windows:
- reordering panels (this idea);
- color adjustments with the local adjustment tools;
- scalable UI graphics and fonts;
- and so on ...
Any other software supplier is offering that kind of tools for a fair one time price. Adobe just seems to collect month after month serving their share holders without offering anything that would even make a one time upgrade licence worth the money. No wonder a lot of my colleagues are still working with CS6. Although I am sure you will find a way to force them into subscription over time as well.
This is no way to get your customers satisfied!
I was one of the first to join CC looking forward to years of being the happy user I was ever before. But now the only thing we get is updates with bug fixes, bringing in new bugs again, forcing us to spend a lot of time not being able to do our core business.
And Lightroom getting slower and slower in the meanwhile. I still use it, being familiar with it so much, but my customer satisfaction is rapidly decreasing. 
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Sean Phillips

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I've been asking for this ever since they moved all the panels around in LR2. There are panels I never use that I would move to the bottom, and others (Like the Keyword list) that obscure everything else below them and therefore really must be at the bottom of the panel list. The LR team answer was that they moved panels to where the Newbies could understand them, and didn't want to allow people to screw that up for fear of people not understanding where their panels went... Please make this happen!
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From what I've read to date, the chances of users being able to move panels from left to right and vice versa is a likely as seeing a pig fly. The reason being that there's a logic, even if you don't like/see it, to what goes on the left and on the right. I suspect that being able to move individual panels vertically within the same panel track is a request more likely to get a positive outcome.
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Lee Jay

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I sort of buy this thinking from the team for the most part, but I'd still like to be able to choose the left panel/right panel location for the navigator and the histogram. I see very little workflow logic for any particular locations for those panels so to me, it's just a matter of managing screen real-estate.
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Sean Phillips

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I agree with Lee. There are lots of times that I love to have the Keyword list visible at the same time as the Title and Caption. Instead I end up scrolling up and down repeatedly. I realize that the team has decided that there is a logic to where the panels are, but there logic isn't the same as my logic. I'm not saying that they're logic is wrong, only that it's different...
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Sean, you can hide panels you don't use (I'm pretty sure you know that). The keyword list is a pain, especially with flatter list.. I'd like to see something with better real estate for metadata, and I don't think movable panels will matter much with it.
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Sean Phillips

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Yes, I know that. I open and close panels all the time, and use Solo mode a lot (although not for the right side of the Library Module). But even still the ability to have my Keywords on the left and all other Metadata on the right still makes much more sense to me. And even more importantly, the ability to move my panels where I want them rather than where someone else thinks they logically fit seems to be a no-brainer...
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I would take this a step further; a fully customizable interface like Premiere Pro is the way to go, IMO.
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Rob Cole

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Personally, I dont care what order stuff is in: I learn where it is and use it there.

But, I sure would love to be able to relocate the panels on a secondary monitor so I could work on the images full-screen.

One thing to note: In Solo Mode, you can shift-click a section name to open a section without closing any others (Lee Jay taught me that).
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Bryan Watt

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I'm left-handed and feel as if I'm always working in Lightroom with my hands crossed. I would like the ability to switch the left and right module panels. Making adjustments in the development module with my left hand on the left side of the screen would be much less awkward. Right now, the software appears to be designed by and for a right-handed person.