Lightroom Ecosystem: Ability to Create Snapshots

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For better editing and comparison I think a "create a virtual copy" option would be very nice.
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Posted 6 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled 'Create virtual copy' function in Lightroom Mobile.

Would be great to have a 'create virtual copy' capability on Lightroom Mobile, replicating the same functionality on the desktop. I quite often want to duplicate a photo while on the road so I can create multiple edits. This is not currently possible due to the lack of this function. Thanks for considering.
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Tristan Hess

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Yes, please. I am missing this function on the iPad.
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LOL this post is years old and yet those essential features are still missing. Intending to sell my Adobe stocks now !
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Yes , I agree I very much would like this too
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Robert Campbell

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Agreed. Would be a great addition to the mobile version. I find that I really like working up my alternate color/b&w treatments on LR mobile and the lack of the virtual copy feature kind of holds me back in this way.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled LIGHTROOM MOBILE: Virtual or Snapshots.

Ipad for Lightroom.

A great ver 1.

Please consider virtual or snapshots or history states, so I can create multiple versions / crops / treatments for the same image.

I know this is very early, but I could do the major work on the ipad in terms of selects ( hopefully ratings as well) apply crops etc. and later do the fine tuning of colour / texture related settings back on my main machine with colour calibrated hardware and more finesse. The selection and rough cuts can be done on the ipad.

[ideally, I would also like to be able to edit Title , Caption and Location metadata at the same time, but have put that in a different Idea posting.
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Robert Campbell

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I wonder if the reason virtual copies cannot be done on mobile goes back to the way mobile edits all appear as one history state for all the mobile edits executed in one session? Perhaps breaking out a new virtual copy doesn't work with the current way changes are synced?

If so, Adobe may have to upgrade the sync engine before adding virtual copies?
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Jack Valois

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I would also like to have the ability to create virtual copies.
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+1, would love to create virtual copies while on the road
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+1 I'd like this functionality
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This has become essential functionality for trying out grades and edits, so +1 here
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Yes, pleaaaase
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That would be really cool to have in the mobile version. +1
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Paul Davis

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Really want VC in Mobile plz
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martin pendry

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Yes, it would be great!
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Manex Efrem

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Yes please. It feels like an essential part of the app is missing.
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steve reid

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Yes essential for making different grades , and giving clients options of say normal colour , pushed colour look and then B&W
(or just for myself to play around with and make a ‘portfolio’ version )

Please implement soon
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alex smith

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+1 very important feature, and a major roadblock to using the mobile version of Lightroom CC as a primary editor.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Virtual Copy Needed--To Create B&W and Color Versions.

I am doing almost all of my photo processing in Lightroom Mobile, quite often not using the desktop version at all. I am frustrated that I cannot duplicate an image in LR mobile so I can make both black and white and color versions of the same file. Copying to other collections does not work and for the life of me I cannot find any duplicate or virtual copy functionality in LR mobile. We need a way to non-destructively 'explore' where we want to take an image, and sometimes depending on where we share our work, both B&W versions of the same file are needed. Can we add the virtual copy functionality to LR mobile or at lease a 'duplicate' function or perhaps 'isolated collections'. It's seriously limiting not to be able to do both color and black and white versions.

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Another vote to bring the virtual copy feature to Lightroom Mobile and the latest Lightroom CC
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Stefan Kreher

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I World apriciate that feature too
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Pablo Ferrer

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Yes, it’s essential in a program that’s mobile. I use on the way a lot and I can’t do more than one color effect on the same photo.
Please include this feature.
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Steve Kast

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For real
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Michael Brodt

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Virtual Copies would be a huge help! I like to have multiple versions of a photo with different looks and edits.
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I too need virtual copy function in Lightroom cc
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom CC Virtual Copies.

Please can the virtual copy feature be bumped to the top of the Lightroom CC roadmap.