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I would like to have the option to sync Lightroom Mobile (on the iPad) with my computer via LAN wifi (when devices are connected on the same network).. rather than having to sync via the internet and back which is much slower. My internet isn't very fast and I dont see the point in having to rely on this as a transfer process for photos between my computer and iPad.
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Chris Wale

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Chris Wale

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To clarify on my original post, I would like the option to either sync via internet or sync via LAN wifi. Many applications that are synced via internet (cloud) are intelligent when two devices are connected to the same network in which case the sync is of the local wifi and much faster. In the meantime, I'm using Photosmith for iPad with wifi sync for Lightroom until this and some other features (such as the ability to rate and tag keywords) have been integrated into the Lightroom Mobile app.
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Yes please. In addition, LR Mobile should also make aggressive use of caching. Ideally I want my whole catalog available on my iPad. When I skip to a particular section of my catalog, it is reasonable to take a bit of time to get that initial grid view rendered, but then in behind the scenes it should start caching everything in that view, so that when I start paging through the photos from that part of the catalog they are quick to load.
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I agree ... there is absolutely no need to invoke a server thousands of miles away when the two devices in question are in such close proximity.
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I agree. it is a waste of energy and bandwidth, addes to global warming and creates unnesccary congestion on the telecommunications network, And adds to my dosage of radiation.

Please change for the sake of the world.
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Please add local sync via wi-fi. LR Mobile is useless to me with the requirement that images have to be transferred via the creative cloud servers. This may be fine with the fast internet available around the Adobe HQ in San Jose, but imagine the amount of time it would take upload 2000 photos in the suburbs of New Zealand's capital with an upload speed of less than 1 mbps (not to mention the data caps we have here). Even if i had a fast connection in NZ, there's limited bandwidth between NZ and the US.

Much as Chris mentions in his second post, other applications do intelligent syncing of data on the local network, which would faster than i'd ever get over the internet.

I'd happily subscribe to CC for LR Mobile, but until i can do a local sync of the photos, it's just not practical for me and i'm sure many people around the world.
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I'd see this as an optimization on the mobile device sync - the desktop would still push to the cloud, but there's no reason for the mobile device to pull from the cloud when the main catalog is on the same network.
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As a user of the Lightroom CC and LR mobile feature, please improve the performance of this feature. I don't know if it's slow due to needing to first generate the smart previews, or if it's truly a matter of a slow upload to the Adobe Cloud, but the actual process of syncing to LR Mobile is painful. This is made double by then having to download all images for offline editing on a non-cellular iPad. There should be a LAN sync option, just like Dropbox, that allows you to quickly import those smart previews directly to your device instead of pushing them out to the cloud only to pull them back in. This is especially bad for those of us at the mercy of data caps from Comcast and the like. I recently had to push an entire 2000 photo shoot to LR Mobile just so I could do my sorting on the road, and I was delayed by hours waiting for the images to first make it to the cloud, then to download them again. I've heard from others asking the same thing, and I don't care how many others have asked, I'm adding my voice to this feature. Please, please provide a better LOCAL sync feature for LR Mobile.
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I wish that Lightroom mobile would sync without the internet. For me its would be most useful if I could directly sync images to my iPad with a cable or via bluetooth or local wifi.

I would love to use Lightroom mobile more on my iPad while travelling. However I'm usually traveling in places with very bad connections and it would take weeks to sync the images over the internet.
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I agree, the sync via Internet is damm slowly and for me it makes no sense. If I am on the road, I am lucky to have a 3G. So to sync a lot of pics is impossible. And at home I don ́t need it. (Or I have to leave the Ipad online during the night and hope next morning is everything synced! So please enable a cable sync or a sync via Itunes!!!! (Even Lan would help a little)

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