Lightroom mobile: I would like to synchronize over LAN instead of internet

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LR mobile sync is extremely slow. Giving me an option to sync locally would be excellent. And I'm sure very useful for professionals travelling in areas where internet is limited/non-existent or expensive and time consuming.

Come on Adobe. If this is designed for professionals this slow sync and data usage issues on global data roaming....? It simply isn't practical. The product as is can't be recommended as is.

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Syncing a collection with 1000+ images for offline editing on mobile Lightroom is really painful. It will be absolutely fantastic if we can do it directly over wireless LAN. Really time-saving!

We do not always need to sync to the creative cloud all the times.
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Synchronizing with Lightroom Mobile can take several hours to sync and internet connectivity is not always available. When I work at remote locations, I want to work on my photos on the plane while flying home... I believe this is the whole idea of Lightroom Mobile - but this is impossible without internet connectivity. Synching over a LAN or USB connection makes sense.

I have now waited over 5 hours for a catalogue to sync and it is at 70%!!! I could edit, sort and finalise everything on my laptop by the time the sync is done!
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I would like to have the option to sync Lightroom Mobile (on the iPad) with my computer via LAN wifi (when devices are connected on the same network).. rather than having to sync via the internet and back which is much slower. My internet isn't very fast and I dont see the point in having to rely on this as a transfer process for photos between my computer and iPad.
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I take a LOT of pictures doing wildlife photography and many of the initial captures are garbage. I would love to sit on the couch and cull the images on my iPad in LR Mobile, however it is not currently practical. Syncing back to my main collection is very time consuming via the internet and uses a ton of my internet bandwidth allowance very quickly. The ability to sync using my own wifi network or even bluetooth would be a game changer for me.

We got RAW. That was half the battle. (Thanks for that!) Now on to a fast, easy way to get the culled/edited pictures into my main collection. 
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Forgive me if this subject has already been discussed, but it really is about time Adobe introduced local sync via cable / wifi for Lightroom CC. As a developer and DBA I cannot accept the excuses Adobe have already given for refusing to add local sync, especially given how large smart preview files can be. Even worse, is the lack of sync of smart albums and folders. I work as a DBA and as a developer and (I'm sorry Adobe developers) these facilities are very easy to add, and should be added as soon as possible. Adobe developers, you have no valid reason to not add support for local sync and sync of smart collections and folders.

Relying on CC sync is too problematic and far to slow to make Lightroom Mobile a serious part of any reasonable workflow.

Come on Adobe developers - pull your socks up and do the job properly
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The internet might be ok if you're working at home or in your office, and you live/work in an area where there is reliable, fast broadband.  

When travelling - in hotels or guest houses or cruise ship - it's just not feasible to even remotely assume that a suitably fast and reliable internet connection will be available.  And don't forget there is the rest of the world might not have the coverage of broadband we're used to in our homes.
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I'll add my voice to the chorus on this. I took almost 4000 photos on a recent vacation, only took my iPad mini and iPhone with me to back up my cards each night. It would have been great to go directly from what I already had stored on my iPhone to desktop Lightroom when I got home, but having to pass all that data up to Creative Cloud then back down to my desktop would have been ridiculous, so I just downloaded the cards directly to my desktop instead - there was no point in actually working on the photos in LR mobile while on the trip.

At this point, Lightroom for mobile is a decent product that is getting better, but is severely hampered by Adobe's (seeming) desire to use it as a wedge to drive people to Creative Cloud for syncing. It may be easier to sync via CC for the developers at Adobe, but it's a workflow nightmare for users. Local sync over wifi (or even USB) is the only practical solution, so if Adobe wants to continue to require a CC membership to sync, it needs to build code into LR CC to handle local sync.
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Another vote from me for LAN sync from Lightroom Desktop to Lightroom Mobile. Even on a dedicated 100Mbps finds line (100down and up) it never maxes out my connection and syncing a few thousand images from latest shoot takes hours.

LAN sync will greatly increase the number of people who will end up using Lightroom Mobile.

If the developers are looking for how best to implement it, take a look at Dropbox. They have an option to enable LAN sync and then whilst a slow sync is continuing to the cloud in the background all local devices are sync'd super fast over gigiabit Ethernet or wifi.
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Agree completely. Wifi much too slow to be useful for larger raw files
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Since Lr mobile now is able to work with RAW files it should allow local sync using Wifi or cable connection via a local network. RAW files typically have a large size which makes it practically impossible to sync hundreds of images via the cloud. RAW editing doesn't make sense without local sync possibility. And it should be possible to stop syncing if I wish to do so.
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I woukd like to add my request that LAN syncing is implemented ASAP. However since I know that the only reason for not having already done so is strategic and not technical, I'm not holding my breath! As others here have pointed out it is shortsighted for Adobe to "force" users to syncing via CC. One can only assume that the sucess of their regrettable move to a SAS business model for their software delivery has blinded them to the advantages of listening to their userbase. I do hope I'm wrong about this and that LAN syncing is just around the corner......Until then LR mobile will rest on a virtual shelf for me. Shame as I think the product is pretty slick
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Adobe are already work on that? When the LAN sync will be released? That's the only question remains.
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There are many of us begging to allow use of iPads for mobile workflow devices, but until you allow wired transfer back to desktops it is unrealistic.
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I'm a tour guide and travel photographer and I love being able to work with my pictures on the go and to take advantage of the many opportunities that Lightroom mobile gives me... however, I do also use the desktop version of Lightroom... and there I have a big problem on the go...
I live and work mostly in South America and when I'm on the go I can't always count on internet (or will only have a poor internet access at hotels and other points)... so for me it would be crucial to be able to sync my images (and changes) without having to rely on a wifi connection - ideally I'd like to be able to connect my ipad with my macbook pro and have them sync over cable.
I know it sounds old fashioned... but it would be the best way for me and I believe (reading up a bit on the internet) for many others more...
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Since we've been ignored so long, and for those of us who are using the increasingly powerful Lr Mobile on similarly powerful devices, how 'bout SOME way of synching, even if not a LAN, locally? so we can use Lr Mobile when we're, um, mobile? My camera can sync via a direct connection; why not Lr Mobile?
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Synchronization between devices is great but right now the only way to do so seems to be via your cloud service. This is slow compared to via a local network or cable connection and in addition the 20GB cap on the Photography Plan means that I cannot store original RAW files on my ipad and then synch them to my desktop due to this data cap. I typically am off the grid for a week at a time and with 60-75MB RAW files 20GB is reached quickly. While off the grid I cull images and rate them thus the need to synch rather than just copy from my device. For me the current system for synching is a deal breaker as I will not pay Adobe's $10/mnth additional fee to move from 20GB to 1TB when I will not be actually storing images in the cloud and the synching process is so slow. It has meant that I will be abandoning Adobe products for the foreseeable future rather than subscribing to the photography plan. If a more workable solution for synching my originals was in place then I would subscribe.