Lightroom: Make LR syncable not just across LR mobile but across another computer as well.

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First off I want to say absolutely FANTASTIC first version of Lightroom Mobile. I am so pleased with it and I can't wait to see its evolution.

Now my idea - I'd love to be able to sync LR across not just one PC and mobile but also bring another PC into it via wifi just like you do with mobile and full version. Is this already possible?

Here's an example usage of this: my laptop is a small ultra book that's not really great for full edits. When I travel overseas I'd like to be able to load all my raw files into LR on my ultra book. Then sync to my iPad and download for offline editing. Then cull images while on the plane home. Then when I get home move all those culls and some basic adjustments to my desktop for final editing.

I'm sure there's a more convoluted way to do this but wifi syncing among the three devices would be ideal IMO. Or maybe I just reload the raws onto my PC and then the smart preview sync causes all the changes to be made.

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I too would like this. I'd even settle for the same limitations as the ipad (one collection only) Since lightroom runs natively on the Microsoft surface pro tablets, this would a great in the field tool, to catch up on my rating and keywording (since lightroom mobile on the ipad only supports flags and develop)
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I added my vote for that!
I actually also suggested quite the same thing here:
Now with LR Mobile files being shown on the CC app I think we are moving in the right direction.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled sync two desktop lightroom copies.

Now that CC 2014 and LR5.5 are out (hurrah!) and LR mobile is working (at least for those on iPad :( ) I think it would be great to be able to sync my master LR on my studio desktop to my laptop.
I'm not talking about full scale sync (though it would be nice) rather, I'm talking about something similar to the functionality on the LR mobile but instead of a mobile client I'll use my laptop
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom Mobile on laptop/desktop.

I would like to see the ability for Lightroom Mobile sync to work with the desktop.

I have a desktop and want to get a laptop (likely a Surface) and would like to be able to work on files that I push out. Seems like it would be a natural thing to do with the infrastructure right there.

Adobe generally allows for two computer installs for exactly this scenario, why can't we sync the two like we can with desktop and Android/iOS?
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I think there is a large community of mobile users that find iOS/Android mobile devices less than adequate for mobile work. The functionality of LR Mobile is desirable Or the ability to access LR mobile files from one catalog with another instance of LR running on the mobile computer. MacBook Air and Microsoft Surface Pro3 are excellent mobile devices that do not run iOS or Android yet offer the same functionality as the underpowered devices.