Lightroom: LR 4 masking in sharpen is set to 0 but dark green trees are not sharpen

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I notice this in more Forest Pictures i test in LR4.1 RC2, that dark green trees look blury, other trees not. On OOC Camera image this not happen.

I save the image from LR without sharpen, and do unsharp mask sharpen with another program that can do unsharp mask.
I use fast stone image viewer, its free and can sharpen too. but problem is gone too, when i sharpen in other programs.

I use a RAW from the Fuji F770 btw. But it happen too in loaded jpg, when they are a little blur and contain dark green trees.

Luminance noise reduction is set to 0. chrominance is set to 10 Detail 50 in this test image. problem is same, when i set to 0.

sharpen level is set to 31
Radius 0.7
Details is set to 31 in the lightroom image on right side.

When i set to higher values there can see more, that dark green trees are not sharpen. same happen if in a program use a mask value.
But LR seem not allow the set really a mask level of 0.

See the attached image, the right image is from lightroom, the left from fast stone image viewer sharpen with radius of 0.7 too.
I scale the compare to 200% so you can better see.

other image parts are noisy, but on LR the green tree get no noise, because it is not sharpen.

I test larger radius but too not help in LR

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Posted 6 years ago

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Did nobody see or notice the problem ?.
I test now if this can see on other monitor too, because i know from early TFT that they show colorvalues from 0-15 as same black. But monitor enhance over the years and all Monitor and TV i test, show problem too.

I see this on other images with dark structures too. If i should post more sample images, original RAW, let me know.

Also in the small preview show in this post, i need not enlarge to see that dark tree in lightroom look more blur but the other parts not.

If Adobe can not change the process, maybe they allow that negative numbers for masking are allow

So i can reduce the masking to maybe -20 and then i get really 0
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I've never noticed it. I find this phenomenon very curious indeed...
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I have now done a compare look with Radius of 3 Sharpen level 150 Detail 100, masking 0 in LR.
the left side is done with fast stone image viewer build in unsharp mask with and Radius 2.9. (3.0 is not choosable with slider, i guess this doesnt matter)

the right side is from lightroom.Here can see more better, the light green trees are more sharpen in LR, but the dark green trees are not sharpen.
I use this jpg image i shoot with F770 and save without sharpen and denoise luminance for test.


and sharpen with LR and another time fast stone image viewer and save it as 2 seperate image.
what you see are these sharpen image.

I like the look of LR sharpen, it should only possible that it sharp dark details too, when i set masking to lowest value. Or is this not possible with LR code ?
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Lr generally reduces sharpening effect in very dark and very light values to prevent clipping (and in the dark case, to avoid accentuating noise). The overall color (hue & saturation) of the object should not play a role.
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Thanks Eric. I never knew that, but it seems like mostly a good thing.

Conclusion: What OP is seeing is normal behavior as designed, right?

If so, perhaps admin should mark this thread: "Not a Problem".

Or, am I missing something???

Mr/Ms tester: If you decide this is as designed, yet you really want darker regions more sharp, your recourse now is enhancing via local sharpening. If that is not good enough, perhaps consider a feature request to control sharpening based on luminosity, or general auto-masking which includes a luminosity spec, so other adjustments can play too...

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So there is no hope, that this can switch off in future ?.

local sharping is not so easy possible. I try it, but mostly i get bad sharpen pixel on the area a little outside that is sharpen.The better way is i notice, when really see ugly noise in dark areas, to blur them. This the eyes do not recognize so easy.

I use in praxis too the denoiser. And because the denoiser seem detect the not sharpen dark areas as can be denoise, it get more blur.

I use in this test luminance denoise 30, Detail 90 Kontrast 0. Sharpen is set to 30, Radius 1.0, Detail 70, Masking 0

This time on left side the OOC Image of F770. I show both in 60% view, and here can be good see
that the dark areas in flowerstalk are very blur in lightroom image, but not in F770 OOC. If show in 100%, blur in the lightroom pic can be more see.

here is the lightroom image with luminance denoise 0(on right side), it is 80% compare. the left side contain now the the LR Image with Luminance denoise 30

All in all i think with lightroom can get much better results as with F770 OOC image, if it is possible to disable in LR this dark areas not sharpen feature. Problems with light areas are not sharpen feature i have not notice.

BTW: How is it possible to let run LR rc2 in english ?. I like to use english version, because when i search for help in inet, more help with
english menu text is find. Also i can report english slider names.