Lightroom LR4 - Map Module - Sticky mouse

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Lightroom LR4 - Map Module - Sticky mouse

Hi folks.

When using the mouse to pan the map, the map sticks to the mouse for a while even when you release the button. This means you can pan teh map to a new location, release the mouse and the map continues to pan where you subsequently move the mouse to.

Note: this does not happen with Google maps in the browser, so a problem with LR.

Its' highly annoying to pan the map and then hold the mouse still for 2 or 3 seconds to avoid the map moving
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Posted 7 years ago

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I too have had this problem. It's compounded for me by the ABYSMAL performance of the Map module in general on my Snow Leopard running iMac.

The actual satellite view is interrupted so often by the black and white world map static graphic and the notice "Map Is Offline" that I've virtually given up on geotagging my 30k+ photos as I don't have the patience to wait for LR4 to get its s**t together each time I change location. Between trying to reposition the sticky cursor and then having the map drop offline, this "feature" performs more like a beta preview instead of a module on a shipping product.

Adobe, if you're paying attention, this clunky/buggy performance issue coupled with the snafu of not being able to edit images in external applications has turned me from one of LR's biggest supporters to thinking about editing my RAW images in another non-Adobe application altogether. These issues are unacceptable for a company of your size and a software package at this price point.
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I believe the problem is that Lightroom does not register the mouse release unless you do it over the map itself. Disappointing that this has not been fixed in 3 years...