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Lightroom handles keywords with accents gracelessly.

For example, say I'm an arts and crafts shooter, so I have a "découpage" keyword. There is no single English word for this concept, so we've borrowed it from the French, but not so long ago that it's lost the accent.

(Even when a word may be spelled sans accent in English, some of us still prefer to write "café" over "cafe.")

On the Mac, to type that on an English keyboard, you start typing "d, Opt-E, e..." That unbound acute accent trips Lightroom up. Lightroom clears its suggestion list as soon as you type it, and doesn't pick the thread back up when you type the subsequent "e" to give the combined accented character.

That's a real problem because it implies a better option is to type just "d" if I want suggestions. I have over 3000 keywords, so the list of keywords beginnning with "d" is too long to be very useful. (I just checked...I have 103 unique keywords beginning with "d" right now.)

I've experimented with pasting an "é" in from the clipboard after the "d," and that does work. If I had a keyboard with a dedicated "é" key, maybe this wouldn't be a problem, but I don't, so it is. I imagine this "solution" makes more sense on Windows, where keyword shortcuts like Opt-E don't exist, so pasting from Character Map makes more sense.

If I add the third character, "c", Lightroom gets back on the same page with me, and offers "découpage" as a suggeston. But even so, I don't see why Lightroom needs the accent to offer a suggestion.

I propose that Lightroom let me type the word without the accent, but have it completed as though I did. That is, if I type "de" or "dec" it should offer "découpage" as a suggestion.

This would even be helpful with my "café" example, because even though I can type "caf" and be sure it's going to offer my "café" keyword as a short-listed suggestion, muscle memory being what it is, it's somehow easier to type "cafe" than "caf". Besides, maybe I have a "cafeteria" keyword, so it will slow me down to check the keyword suggestion list to ensure it picked the right one. Typing out the whole keyword gives a definite match instead of a probable one.
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