Lightroom Classic: Ability to hide sensitive photos

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Lightroom: I am looking for an easy and safe way to hide sensitive / private images in the collection without depending on the existing filtering capability
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Posted 8 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled PLEEEEASE ADD ****SHOW/HIDE FUNCTION*****.

Dear Adobe Executive Leadership:

I'm curious if Adobe's reasoning to not have this feature in Lightroom is not wanting to show an apparent support of unsuitable, improper, or otherwise illicit material by adding the ability to choose which photos and folders to not display in the library viewer. 

There's no hiding - pun intended - at least one obvious kind of photo customers / users would want to hide.

But for the millions of those who, for example, are in loving, committed, long-term relationships who possess a folder of private and personal material of the non-clothed variety, please add the ability to display/not display (via a click of some sort perhaps) such photos in the library viewer.

I've worked in management at large companies. If Adobe executive leadership doesn't want to acknowledge this benefit for said reasons, I encourage them to consider this feature with the following perspective:

BY NOT HAVING THIS FEATURE YOU EXPOSE ALL YOUR USERS TO A SECURITY AND PRIVACY RISK. HOW? a world of identity theft, security fraud, privacy issues, sex offenders, etc., I'm willing to bet that many users who bring his or her laptop to a client for work may prefer to not open Lightroom and have the library displaying personal photos of family, wives, husbands, children, etc. to complete strangers.

How about the LGBT community? Whether you support, agree, or condone the lifestyle or not, there are many LGBT couples that still live in a world where they feel keeping their sexual orientation private is important. As of now, users have to maintain a completely separate library for such photos with such a partner. Even if it's a completely appropriate photos or video - such as those displaying a kiss with someone of the same sex - it may be a photo they prefer to keep private from others.

I think many will agree from a professional standpoint and business perspective, having to find inconvenient ways to address this concern is tedious and not convenient for the customer whatsoever. 

In light of this new perspective, please allow the following comments from fellow creators to support or nullify this concern.