Lightroom Feature Request List - Prioritized.

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Some have suggested my priorities are unclear since I say "Good Idea / +1 vote" to a lot of things, even if they wouldn't be top priorities for me. So, to be clear:

Develop Module:
1. Fix Highlight Recovery (does not work well with twisted profiles. Flat -n pink springs to mind...)
2. Smooth seam when external edit.
3. All adjustments local (and ability to apply locals with different settings, e.g. sharpen controls).
4. Revolutionary new manually adjustable controllable auto-mask technology to go with those locals.
(the ability to readily target desired areas while seamlessly excluding un-targeted areas)
5. Distraction removal.

1. Support all data types in custom metadata.
2. Imaging plugins - note: I would not care so much about this one if develop module item #2 were granted.
(the general idea is so we can edit using 3rd party imaging tools without forking a big disjointed tif)
I dont really care if the capability is brought using a tightly coupled integrated plugin, or a more loosely
coupled external "plugin-app".
3. Lightroom look & feel (non-modal, full support for ui-components, context menu hooks, and events) - preferrably integrated into the panels.
4. Ability to unlock database temporarily to run SQL queries (read-only would be acceptable).
5. More access to catalog via API, like restructure / rename.

My hopes for Lr are primarily in the Develop Module and SDK.
- Develop module - so more things can be done natively, and when not: its painless to go outside.
- SDK - I/we can pretty much fill all other holes in Lightroom via plugins, SDK willing...

Runners up:
- Integration of Develop & Library modules. For two reasons:
#1. Performance - Would be less of a problem if the ACR cache were being utilized properly.
#2. Context - More of a concern for newbies who've yet to memorize how things work differently in each module and remember which module he/she is in...
- Multi-monitor support: full-screen image on one monitor, with (lib/dev) panels on secondary monitor.
(option for 'Before' version to go on secondary monitor (full-screen) when doing before/after comparison.
- all things in xmp, xmp sidecar for all file types, xmp for virtual copies too, xmp read/write via sdk. Granted, the more accessible xmp info is via catalog/api and/or sql,
the less need for this feature.
- Better color & tone tools - but the existing tools would be fine if they could be targeted more specifically via the locals / masking.
e.g. RGB curves. But again, if one can more specifically target and adjust color with locals, this becomes less important.
e.g. better auto-toning, with controls (for example, I'd like to be able to specify: "Preserve Highlights", so auto-toning doesn't blow out the top end,
and maybe a setting for "Preserve Shadows" so that auto-toning doesn't make it too dim, or try and recover too much in the shadows...
- again, stellar locals/targeting support makes this less important.
- Integration of DNG color profile technology with Lightroom, but again - stellar locals / targeting support makes this less important..
- A "smooth highlight transitions" option would be awesome, so those bright sunset regions that go from white to yellow to red in steps, could be more gradient-like,
or those concert lights could have more of a smooth transition from blown out to primary color, or clouds with blown-out regions... But this could be handled using locals with better HSL/mask support.
- Clarity: a setting for "reduce emphasis in already high-contrast edges". I usually just brush over-emphasized areas with negative clarity which works OK, but takes time...
- Library module: Support for regular expressions in filters / smart collections. Again, this could easily be remedied (and then some) via plugin,
if dynamic plugin-driven smart-collections were supported.
- Sharpness fall-off correction would be an awesome addition to the lens corrections.
- Longitudinal CA correction would also be worthwhile, as well as better fringe suppression.
- Slideshow to endure focus loss (it aborts when you do anything outside Lightroom). ACDSee has this feature so I just use it for slideshows (after exporting),
but I'm still hoping for the day I can use slideshow feature in Lightroom (before exporting) - not a top priority though...
- I'd put "Fix FTP bugs" on here too, but I suspect I will have invented my own solution before then, but if FTP improvements were made, I'd add:
- option to set remote date to last-modified-date of source file, instead of current time of remote host.
- Also, a get-remote-file-size function.
- Downthrottle exports. I have exports running a lot, since I export all edited photos immediately to all export destinations after editing.
- the ability to pause or downthrottle would help free up the cpu so exports do not interfere with other cpu intensive applications.
(this is less important with a faster multi-core cpu, but still...)

All this from the top of my head - I'm sure I missed some things...

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Posted 9 years ago

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You need to make each request a separate entry here.
Otherwise people can't comment on each one, or vote for each.
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I see your point. I'll also distribute the individual items to individual posts.