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I have the idea of an exposure adjustment tool.

When you shoot wedding there are so different light conditions and the camera most of the time can't it. So you have to adjust every picture by hand. So my idea is a tool where you can click on the area which should be correct exposed.

Options for the tool

- size of the tool (brush)
- exposure correction from -2 to +2 apertures

Does anyone understand me ;-)
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Posted 8 years ago

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Hmmm. I think you already have what you want in the form of an adjustment brush. Brushes already work with exposure.
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I understand it differently... Click somewhere on the photo, and LR corrects the exposure of the *whole* photo so that the area clicked on appears as 18% grey. Or darker or lighter according to the choosen exposure correction value.

Did I understand it correctly?

P.S. Example for weddings: Set exposure correction value to +1.5...+2.0, then advance through the photos and for each one click on the wedding dress. All photos become correctly exposed with respect to the wedding dress (plus reserve for some highlights, depending on what you set the exposure correction).

P.S. A techical problem for such a feature would be that exposure in LR is (as far as I know) not simple multiplication of the RAW values with a numeric factor, but involves other things like tonal response curves of the camera profiles, etc. Also, the definition of 18% grey is difficult once other settings like brightness, contrast, fill light and recovery are changed...
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Just to be sure you know - there is a feature "Match Total Exposure" which matches overall exposure (like "matrix-metering" in camera). It won't do exactly what you want since it doesn't target a specific region, but is worth knowing about.

If I understand correctly, what you are after is the equivalent of "spot-metering" in camera, except after the fact... - good idea...
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You understand it correctly

@Rob Cole
The "Match total exposure" is Not that what i want or Need. But the "Spot-metering" World be Perfect.
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Official Response
For many images shot in similar lighting conditions, you should be able to take advantage of the Match Total Exposure feature. You adjust 1 image manually (e.g., using Exposure slider) to the appropriate brightness level. Then you use the Match Total Exposure feature (using your adjusted image as the "primary" image) on the rest of the images in the set.