Lightroom: Export images at multiple resolutions in one go

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I have discovered through experimentation that photos published to Facebook look best at 2048 pixels on the longest side (the maximum it supports) but images measuring 960 pixels on the longest side come a very close second so that's what I export at when Facebook.

I also publish the images on my own website, which uses SmugMug as a backend and is capable of automatically displaying delivering higher resolution photos (than Facebook) to the browser depending on the viewport size, so I export at 1400px resolution to strike a balance between filesize and image quality.

My problem is that it's not currently possible to export these two sets of images at the same time, I have to do them one after each other (because doing them in parallel is MORE than twice as slow due to LR's poor parallelisation of task execution), manually switching between different export resolutions and folders.

Instead, I would like to be able to pick two (or more) resolutions to export at, set (sticky) subfolder names for them (so that they end up in separate folders within the base export folder), and set LR to export all the images in one go. This would save me a huge amount of manual faffing around every time I export, and because LR would only have to fully render each image once (instead of twice as at present) it would dramatically reduce the total time taken to export both sets of images.

I realise that it should be possible to write a plugin to achieve this (and I'm looking into it) but surely exporting a set of images multiple times at varying resolutions is a fairly common use case (e.g. web/client DVD res and print ordering res for wedding photos) and it would therefore be of benefit to a significant proportion of the LR user base to make it worthwhile Adobe implementing it as a native feature?
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To prepare the files that my wedding clients require, I have to export three versions of every file: one is full resolution, the next is an A4 resolution, the final is a facebook size with a watermark.

Instead of clogging LR up with re-rendering files that have already been rendered (and this process has actually caused disk problems for me in the past - don't know why, but maybe something to do with RAID1?), please we have the option to export the same file with multiple presets?

So, it would basically allow you to queue up presets. Once it has rendered the file, it would run that file through the queue of presets and not move into the next until it has finished the queue.

This would massively speed up exporting and reduce the hit on my disks.

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To me the ability to batch export a group of images using different settings would be extremely useful.  I can't think of any other functionality I would rather have more than this,  These days, as noted in many of the above posts, photographers really need to be able to export multiple formats easily and Lightroom does not do that at the moment.

I am a Software Engineer by day and I it is a fact that developing this functionality would be "low hanging fruit" for Adobe compared to other functionality requests I have seen.

Ideally the functionality would be as flexible as possible so different needs could be addressed.  Output locations also needs to be very flexible.  I am currently trying to export a bunch of images in various folders in Lightroom and have Lightroom keep the same folder structure but in a new parent folder on my hard drive,  That is how I ended up on this thread today as I could find no way to do that.
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C'mon Adobe, please begin addressing these long standing critical workflow issues for us pros instead of creating "new" things to justify your CC subscription. Please satisfy these basic wants.