Lightroom: Develop module: Inconsistency with multiple selected photos and flag/stars/color

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In develop module with multiple photos selected: Changing pic/reject flag, rating stars or color labels with...
- menu command or keyboard shortcut: Will affect *all* selected photos
- toolbar icons: Will only affect the *active* (currently edited) photo

This is a discrepance compared to the loupe view where menu command, keyboard shortcut and toolbar icons only affect the *active* (currently displayed) photo.

LR 3.6 and 4.1 RC2 64 Bit Win7.

Edit/PS: Perhaps it is intended that in develop, certain commands affect all selected photos (such as "paste develop settings" or "add keyword via shortcut" for instance). However, this should be consistent across menu command, keyboard shortcut and toolbar icons.
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Posted 7 years ago

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I cannot reproduce with 4.1 RC2. Any flag gesture I try only affects the most selected image in Develop. Maybe you have Auto-Sync enabled?
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Confirmed here with 4.1 RC2 64 Bit Win7.

Key command or menu will change all selected images.

Toolbar icons do indeed only affect active image.

Maybe this is intended behaviour?
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@John Verne: My bad ... yes, autosync strikes again! I did not notice that when I posted the problem. Autosync was enabled, indeed.

But... there is still the inconsistency. However, the problem description is "just" missing the detail that auto sync must be enabled. The correct description would be that "...changing flag/stars/color using toolbar icons do not take into account the autosync setting". Unfortunately, I can no longer edit the original problem.

@John Spacey: Since you confirmed it: Did you have autosync enabled, too?

P.S. The original Edit/PS in the problem description becomes invalid, too and should be ignored.

P.S. II. Again, this shows that LR needs a better auto sync indication. Please vote here: :-)
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The bug is still there in LR 4.3. Because I described it wrong in my original problem post, here it is again, corrected:

Title: Lightroom: Develop module: Pick, Reject, Rating and Color Labels on Toolbar ignore Auto Sync


In develop module, when auto sync is active, the following actions...
- pick/reject/unflag
- set rating stars
- set color label
...should affect all selected photos.

However, this is only true for:
- main menu "photo" (set flag/rating/color label)
- keyboard shortcuts (P, X, U, 0...5 and 6...9)
- context menu (set flag/rating/color label) on main develop image or filmstrip

Bug: This is not true for the toolbar. The toolbar buttons for pick, reject, stars or colors do not take into account an active auto sync setting - they change the target photo only.

Lightroom 4.3 on Windows 7 64 Bit.

P.S. The same buttons on the toolbar of the library module do not exhibit this bug. E.g. in loupe view, they influence only the target photo if auto sync is disabled, vs. all selected photos if auto sync is enabled - as it is to be expected.
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Bug is still present in 5.7.1.

TL;DR: With autosync ON in develop module, using toolbar to pick/reject, rating and colors only changes the active photo, not all selected ones. In contrast, the same via menus or keyboard shortcuts works correctly, i.e. all selected photos change.

Only the toolbar in develop is affected.
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aaand... it's still there in LR6.
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And bug still exists three yrs later in Creative Cloud 2018.