Lightroom: Is there a way to publish a Collection and maintain the 'directory' structure of the collection set?

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Ok, I have a collection set (its my Portfolio) with a number of sub-collections (e.g. portraiture, glamour, sport etc) that i want to 'publish' to my hard d rive so that i can upload to one or more web sites. As far as I can see, there is no way to do this and maintain the 'directory' structure of the collection set. Or am I wrong.

If i'm right, can we have an enhancement please
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Official Response
Yes, you can do this. It's a little hard to describe in detail, so after reading this you may wish to spend some time looking at info in the manual on "Publish Services" and "Smart Folders," which might make things clearer.

1. In the Publish Services panel in the Library module, set up a Hard Drive publish service that saves to the Desktop, or wherever you'd like to save.
2. In that Publish Service, create a Published Folder Set called "Portfolio" (or whatever you want to call it - for your own organizational purposes it will probably help to name it the same as whatever your portfolio collection set is called).
3. Within the Published Folder Set called "Portfolio" create one Published Smart Folder for each collection in your Portfolio collection set. For example, let's say you have a Collection Set called "Portfolio" and in it a sub collection called "Portrait" and another sub collection called "Glamour." So, in the Published Folder Set, create a Published Smart Folder called "Portrait." When you set up the Published Smart Folder, use the following criteria: Set the first pop-up to "Collection" and the second pop-up to "Contains all" and then in the text field, enter the name of the corresponding collection, i.e., "Portrait." Then create a second Published Smart Folder called "Glamor" and set its criteria as appropriate. Repeat this for each collection you have that you want to publish.
4. When you're done with all this, you'll have a Publish Service that publishes to the hard drive, and which consists of a Published Collection Set containing Published Smart Folders which correspond to each of the collections in your collection set that you want to publish. Because you've set them up as smart folders in this way, any time you add a photo to any of the collections, it will automatically get added to the Publish service. Then, whenever you want, you can select the Published Collection Set, and at the top right, above the image thumbnails, you'll see a "Publish" button. Any photos that are new, or altered, since you last published will be saved to your hard drive, into folders which mirror the "directory" structure of the Published Smart Folders. I.e., each Published Smart Folder you set up becomes an actual folder on the hard drive, containing the appropriate photos.

Hope that explanation wasn't too convoluted. It sounds complex, but once you get it set up, the whole thing will just take care of itself, without you ever having to do anything expect press the "Publish" button when you want to.