Lightroom: Capability to display embedded preview or sidecar Jpeg

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As it stands, there is no way to view the preview embedded in a raw file except by loading the raw file into an external app.

Many a folk has wanted to view, in Lightroom, the camera-generated preview, or preview as edited by camera manufacturer software, or even DNG preview as previously saved in Lightroom or Photoshop/ACR.

So, the 'Idea' is for some way to temporarily view the jpeg preview embedded in a proprietary raw or DNG file.

Embedded preview should be usable in before/after comparison, as well as side-by-side, as well as temporary loupe display.

Note: development resources to satisfy this request would be relatively small.

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Rob Cole

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  • full of love for Lightroom, but would still like to see what the camera or other software did, in Lightroom.

Posted 9 years ago

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I'd agree, it's a request I hear regularly, particularly from volume shooters who are currently using Breezebrowser or Photomechnic for initial culling, before switching to LR, because it's faster to use the embedded JPEGs. They shouldn't have to use other software for such an integral part of the workflow.
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I'm one of those using PM, Victoria. Thanks for voicing your support on this. PM is a great program, but it's really just a "patch" for something LR could easily do as well.
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This is pretty fundamental to workflow. As I understand it, LR does use the embedded preview in the import module, but the performance is so-so. I can't understand why this is not a high priority for adobe.
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I would also like to be able to see the embedded JPG whenever I feel like it. The embedded JPG often looks pretty good in terms of exposure, color balance and contrast and I want to be able to see it side by side with the RAW file in order to match the RAW file to it.
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I shoot RAW+Jpeg because my camerea does very well with colors in the Jpeg which I use as reference.

I would like to be able to view the Jpeg within Lightroom and ideally compare it side-by-side with the RAW I am developing. I know I can keep the files separate when importing but I do like having them linked in general.

I would love to see more work done to allow better management of sidecar Jpegs including viewing, comparing with RAW and deleting/detaching.

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Lightroom to better handle sidecar Jpegs - View, Compare, Delete.
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+1 for an additional module that serves one single purpose: Cut your shoot down from 1000 to 200 photographs, as quickly as possible.
Implementation: add a switch to the library preview that will use the embedded preview instead. Done.
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Don't see the need for an additional module - just the ability to toggle the normal library view between RAW and the embedded jpeg....
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Agreed, Chris. A simple toggle switch is all we need.
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I feel a good option would be to allow the embedded JPEG to be shown as the reference photo. The reference photo is a great addition and there should be some way to show the embedded JPEG as the reference photo in addition to any photo from the film strip.
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That's the obvious use case for the new Reference View. Spot on!