Lightroom: Capability to display embedded preview or sidecar Jpeg

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As it stands, there is no way to view the preview embedded in a raw file except by loading the raw file into an external app.

Many a folk has wanted to view, in Lightroom, the camera-generated preview, or preview as edited by camera manufacturer software, or even DNG preview as previously saved in Lightroom or Photoshop/ACR.

So, the 'Idea' is for some way to temporarily view the jpeg preview embedded in a proprietary raw or DNG file.

Embedded preview should be usable in before/after comparison, as well as side-by-side, as well as temporary loupe display.

Note: development resources to satisfy this request would be relatively small.

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  • full of love for Lightroom, but would still like to see what the camera or other software did, in Lightroom.

Posted 9 years ago

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only nx2 was able to start from a nef identical to the jpg, continue with color efex pro3 for nx2 and save all things in the same nef except that this raw had plenty of dynamics because raw so advanced d-lighting, upoints, local dnoise with upoints made miracles.
nx2 needed to be compared with lightroom 3. now lr 5.7 has become much more powerful with its radial filter, local temperature retouching,... so i think in one "auto" click we are close from the jpg
my main complaints in lr today would be :
- need a conten aware eraser brush like nx2 or onone software
- tone enhancer and dynamic contrast like ononesoftware
- all sharpening sliders in local sharpening brush because there you use same settings than in sharpening panel and just change gain so you cannont use large radius in capture sharening and small radius in local sharpening

seeing the original jpg can be frustrating or a loss of time. i shoot raw + jpg because my girl wants the picture in few minutes for her facebook so when i launch lightroom she becomes crazy :-)

if you want artistic effect i really advise topazlab star, glow, simplify, impression, clean, adjust, clariti and restyle.with, with respect to camera effects, possibility to use layers in photoshop

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The ability to do this is the main reason I always used Aperture. I use DPP to convert from RAW, and then import RAW + JPEG. That way I have the JPEG for dispay, and the RAW for safety.
I don't edit my photos, and I want the result I get AT the shoot to be as close as possible to what I get at the end. Lightroom isn't capable of doing this. It seems crazy.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom: Raw + JPEG Stacking needs improvement.

The way Lightroom handles RAW and JPEG files needs some major improvement. Currently, I import my files as separate files (as checked in the Preferences). This is because I prefer to look at the JPEG files since the RAW files generally look terrible out of the camera. 

I would really like to have an Auto Stack option that will stack the RAW and JPEG file together, based on filename and capture time. Then, there should be a toggle button that allow you to switch between the RAW or JPEG file on top. Any ratings, flagging or color labels would automatically be done to both copies. 

This way, I could view my images as JPEG files that are already processed in camera (and look good), sort and label and place in collections. Then I can do basic cropping, adjustments and such to my JPEG files, and if needed, I could switch over to the RAW file, easily if I need it for a higher quality processing. 

The RAW file really needs to be treated as the Digital Negative to the JPEG file. It's there if you need it, attached automatically. 

I tell you that sorting through 25K images where each image has 2 files makes the job twice as difficult. BTW, Canon's DPP software has this type of RAW/JPEG stacking with a click of one toggle button, so it should be possible to implement.
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In the merged thread, Ryan followed up with:

I'm shooting with a Canon 1DX Mark II, which does an awesome job of processing the RAW files in camera which includes Picture Style Profiles, Peripheral Illumination Correction, Lens Correction, Distortion Control, Chromatic Aberration Correction and even Diffraction Correction. 

Even when using the Camera Matching profile in LR, the RAW files look terrible in comparison to the JPEGs that the camera produces. I have yet to be able to process a RAW image and get an exact match to the JPEG files, since LR handles individual colors, like green, yellow and red, completely different. 

So, while I may just use mostly the JPEG files, the fact is that my complaint here still stands!!!  Hear my point:

I want a better way to attach the RAW and JPEG files together. So that the RAW file is essentially a underlying digital negative to the JPEG file. This would allow me to not have to sort, flag, rate and label the two files separately. Then, when I need something more than the JPEG file offers, I can easily switch to the RAW file and process my heart out until it produces the image I want. 

This is opposite to the way that LR handles JPEG + RAW because when you have "Treat RAW and JPEG files as separate files" turned off in the preferences, it does group them, but it only allows you to see the RAW file and hides the JPEG one. 

So, I would like for LR to give us options to have the two file types grouped together, and be able to choose whether I view the RAW (as currently) or view the JPEG version and be able to toggle back and forth.
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I feel a good option would be to allow the embedded JPEG to be shown as the reference photo. The reference photo is a great addition and there should be some way to show the embedded JPEG as the reference photo in addition to any photo from the film strip.
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That's the obvious use case for the new Reference View. Spot on!
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in the past i used only capture nx2 which displays all jpg settings including d-lighting on nef files and was really lost when i started to play with lightroom 2 or 3. after LR4, things changed and a simple click on AUTO in basic settings and color profile makes much better results than NX2... so no need jpg anymore, except i shoot raw+jpg so my children can directly uploda to facebook without waiting for me for retouching. i am also fan of on1 photoraw and lightroom cc. so i think no need jpg preview anymore. it would help making grid view faster in LR catalog but with a loss of infos. new machines can display grid much faster now. on1 browse is amzing too ! hope it helps you because i was a fan of jpg preview and rob cole plugins but it is an old story now. ounce LR learnt no need jpg anymore
best regards
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled use embedded JPEG instead of previews, until editing starts.

Hi all!
My computer is not the fastest in the world, so I got this idea to speed up Lightroom a bit. At import, or in the catalog preference (Whatever is best), I would like to have the option to use the jpeg embedded in the raw-file as a preview in library, and only have the 1:1 preview file being created once editing starts. A RAW-file that has not been edited will not have a preview file.
Is this a good or bad idea?