Lightroom/Camera Raw: finer control of color adjustment

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My dream color adjuster - user specifies adjustment table/mapping:

Source Color:
- Hue with a range slider.
- Saturation with a range slider.
- Luminosity with a range slider.
Target Color:
- Hue
- Saturation
- Luminance.
Hopefully one could define an unlimited number of these "points".
(Blend smoothly with other colors...)

This would be very easy for the user, and very powerful. Dunno how hard it would be to integrate into Lightroom design, but it could replace the existing HSL tool, since it is a superset and would be backward compatible.

Hopefully this would be available as local too, but now I may be asking for too much(?).

Please consider a more refined color adjustment feature for Lr4, if its not too late...,
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Posted 7 years ago

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I'm looking for the same thing, I think.

Not sure if we're talking about the same thing here or not, but I would like to see more color range in the existing HSL slider bars in camera being able to take purples and aquas for instance, and fade them into reds or yellows. The feature is available in Photoshop, but it doesn't break out the various colors the way Camera Raw does.
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I don't recall having used that feature of Photoshop, but the shrewd scrutinizer may observe that my proposed color adjuster is very similar to what's already in the DNG Profile Editor (DPE), except for the range sliders (see note below), and luminosity as part of source-point definition.

Range can be handled in DPE by defining multiple points, but I think it would be more Lightroom-esque/slick to have the sliders to cast the source color "net" to specified "width" (NX2 has a slider like this and its very nice).

DNG Profile Editor is very powerful - you can specify a source color (hue and saturation), and a target color (hue, saturation, luminance), and roll that into a profile, which can be used on one or more photos. But, again, the shrewd scrutinizer will eventually notice the limitation that 'luminance' is missing from source color spec.

Vit Novak has developed profile creation software (similar to DPE) that allows luminosity in the source point specification, so proof-of-feasibility study is complete ;-} (it was never polished for availability to the public - but some of us are using custom profiles created by Vit Novak (using his own software) regularly in our work).

Consider 'AdvancedColorEditor' for the mean time if you haven't already:
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Yes, good idea. This would enable us to change much finer defined colours like "desaturate only the dark reds" or "that skin tones between yellow and red". But I think you mean "target adjustment (relative)" not "target color", right?
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In DPE you are actually mapping a source color to a target color (absolute), which is what I was referring to. But, yes it would be nice to be able to desaturate only the dark reds, which would be doable in DPE if it supported luminance in the source color. To desaturate a smidge one would just map it to a less saturated target red. And yes - to be able to isolate certain skin tones for adjustment, etc... Again, not unlike the HSL now, except one could specify as many mapping points as one wants, at whatever "width" one wanted, and instead of the source point being based only on hue (HSL tool in Lightroom), or hue and saturation( DPE), one could specify source point based on all three: H, S, & L (Vit Novak style).