Lightroom: Better GeoTagging / GPS / Map Functions - Ability to Set Location in Maps

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I would like better general GeoLocation / GeoTagging / Map functions to be able to associate location information back to my photos even when they were not originally tagged in the camera.

For example when biking I have a GPS running all the time, download the meta data and then can't associate it easily back to the photo via Lightroom by importing a GPX file. I know there are some third party plug-ins that can assist with this; but my results have been very mixed sometimes create a big mess.

No can you select a photo in Lightroom, go to the map module, select its location and have it set the location of the photo if it doesn't have one. Sometimes I have OK with it not being the EXACT location if I didn't originally record it, if I can zoom in and select where it was taken that may be good enough for the purpose.

1) I want to be able to select individual or groups photos in the Library Module, go the Map module, and set their location by clicking on a location.

2) Right now I have to create a collection even just to see them in the Maps module, I would like to at least be able to see my entire library as well.

3) I would like to be able click on a location; display the GPS coordinates for a location and be able to copy that out; this applies to photos tagged and not yet tagged. It uses Google maps and right now I have to have a browser open with Google Maps in one window and copy into then go to Lightroom and copy it into an image. (Not at least in LR 5.3 it will at least now auto-convert it as long as I strip off the @ at the beginning and the , 16z at the end).

4) If an image plots due to GPS accuracy at the time, I want to be able to grab the denoted image Stake in the maps module and it update it with the correct location as it looks really funny when I upload photos and the geotagging puts the image 50 yards off shore, at the bottom of a gorge or a river, or some other odd location for the context.
Clients have also complained about this too on photo delivery and do not want to or have the tools to fix it themselves.

5) Lastly, I would like a GPX export from Lightroom of a selected group of photos so I can use it to plot maps in other applications based on the data tagged in the photo as sometimes the only timeline I have with location and time information is the photo and the GPS data. (Note some of my cameras have a GPS built in).

Note I have read the following prior to posting and I am currently utilizing Lightroom 5.3 on Mac when posting this in February 2014.

Thanks for your consideration.

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