Lightroom: Assign an "Export Preset" to an image

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It would be great if there were a "Assigned Export Preset" field that could be set in the Metadata of an image or somewhere in the Lightroom catalog. This way one could *assign* the preferred "Export Preset" for each image in *advance* of export. Then, when you need to do an export of many images at one time (each requiring different Export Presets) there would be a corresponding "Use Assigned Export Preset" command in the "Export with Preset..." sub-menu (or some other logical location).

This now gives you the ability to select multiple images and export them at one time using different export presets that are specific/necessary to each image.

- 30 images destined for a website image gallery.
- There will be a large image and a thumbnail.
- The thumbnail will be processed in LR by creating a Virtual Copy of the large image and then manually cropping it to 1x1 to create a nice looking thumbnail (translation: The thumbnail is *not* just a shrunken version of the large image).
- Two "Export Presets" are needed to generate the corresponding JPGs at the right size and quality level.
- This means that each time an images needs to be exported, I have to first make sure they select the right images to export and then the corresponding export preset. This starts to get really tricky, time intensive and mistake prone the more images and Export Presets you need to juggle.

I know you're probably thinking: Why not just put all of the large images into one Collection and all of the thumbnails in another? I do do this and it helps. But the problem is that I now need to always maintain a Collection for each Export Preset. That not only means that that Collection will always be taking up space in the list of collections, but I'd need to manually always be sure that I add new images that collection. If I don't, I risk not exporting a newly added image when I do a mass export.

This scenario is kinda simple with only two export presets. But there are more complicated scenarios where I have 4+ export presets that I need to manage and use for certain images every time I do an export.

With this new feature, I could maintain one or two collections for all of the images and whenever I need to export all or any of the images, I could be confident that I when I choose the images to export, that Lightroom will take care of choosing the right Export Preset.


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