Lightroom: Apply Ratings/Flags to multiple thumbnails at once

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When several thumbnails are selected, adding a rating or flag via the keyboard shortcuts will only apply that metadata to the highlighted thumbnail within that group selection.

I understand this is required because of the compare tools, but perhaps you could use a modifier so, for instance, Command-5 would add 5 stars to all selected photos.
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Posted 7 years ago

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Same with deleting photo — select multiple, hit delete and it only deletes the highlighted photo. You have to use the contextual menu (in all of these cases) to apply to the selected group.
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There is an Auto Sync mode in Library.....
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In which view do you work? You have to be in grid view to apply flag/rating/color to multiple selected photos at once (if you don't want to use the film strip context menu).

P.S. Also works in develop module, but curiously not via the toolbar icons, see (edit: oops, wrong link, corrected)
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I bounce back and forth between grid, loupe and develop. Most of my issues are in the first edit stage, where I am rapidly running through my shots and rejecting/rating as a first pass.

Speed is of the essence since I take many more lousy photos than good ones (haha). When I'm in grid view, I'll select any photos that are obviously under/over exposed all at once and reject them. I'd prefer to just delete them, but that doesn't work on multiple photos either unless you do it from the contextual menu.

Not that any of these other options are so hard I can't do them — it's that I prefer to extremely fast initially, saving time by modifying multiple images at once. Every time I need to pick up my Wacom pen or switch keys or generally think about the interface, it slows me down. As you pointed out — there are little inconsistencies throughout that, while not the end of the world, do slow one down.
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Lightroom is super-powerful, but sports an abysmal interface.

I'm a Mac guy, and Mac apps have different standard interface rules. Lightroom breaks nearly every one, and instead makes it into abhorrent PC filth. (Incidentally, Photoshop doesn't suffer the same issues, proving Adobe *can* do it right.)

- File management. Grade: G-. (I had to make a new grade lower than F.)
- Import window: Confusing as h***. One example: creating folders while importing? Buggy and different from other parts of the app.
- "Library" vs. "Develop". What's the point? And why does the app behave differently between the two modes?
- Clicking into the window from another app both activates it and performs a click within the app. (Not Mac standard)
- When using the Spot Removal tool, pressing the right arrow doesn’t take you to the next moves the spot. The arrows work in most cases outside this tool, so why make it different?
- Will it zoom when I click? Ummm...half the time, even though I don't have the zoom tool selected.
- Tools don’t stay in the places. Click the Spot Removal tool, and now you have to look in a lower spot to find the other tools. (This is significant, and removals all ability for muscle memory to help.)
- It's slow in general. (I've got an absolute monster of a machine, but I've yet to say, "Wow, that was fast.")
- Worse yet, it slows down over time, and I have to restart it several times per day. (Turns out it's a well-documented bug.)
- Beware the Profile Corrections. Sounds like a good idea, but it stretches the sides sometimes, distorting faces. (Isn't that what it was claiming to make better...not worse?)
- Copy-paste settings *overwrites* some settings even when they're not selected.
- Crop guides to move until you let go of the crop tool when click-dragging — inconsistent.
- Spot removal indications don’t disappear when moving the mouse out — unless you hang out with your cursor inside for a while, then move it out. Eh?
- No way to see what your focus point was. (It was built into Aperture, so we know it’s possible.)
- Want to rate multiple photos simultaneously? You have to be in Grid mode. Why? Who the h*** knows. You’d have to be on crack to think that pressing buttons should do different things when viewing slightly differently.