Lightroom (and SDK): Ability to have changes take effect without restarting.

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There are some things that if changed require Lightroom to be restarted for changes to take effect. Examples:

- Presets
- Camera Calibration Profiles
- Custom Metadata Definition
- Tagsets

@present, there is no way for a plugin to be able to define presets, or profiles, or metadata / tagsets, ..., without requiring the user to restart Lightroom (or doing it for the user). Likewise, the user can not modify presets or tagsets using a text transformation tool, and then have them take effect without restarting...

So this 'Idea' is to add a 'Refresh' capability to the Camera Calibration Profile List, Presets, Tagsets, and Custom Metadata, and whatever else I've missed (maybe best if Lr simply polls for changes). And maybe add a corresponding function in the SDK so plugins can do it too (maybe not needed if its always automatic).

Example use cases:

- Ability to readily define a DNG profile for a RAW file and load it into Lightroom and apply to one or more photos.

- Advanced preset editor selector searcher sorter...

- Metadata Tagset definer.

- Dynamic custom metadata - like metadata for user entry, or exif metadata...
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