Lightroom: Allow Setting of Target Collection when Creating a Collection

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It would be very hand if the Collection creation dialog box contained a tick box for making the new collection the "target collection".

I use the ability to make any collection the "target collection" all the time as it allows me to quickly add/remove photos from the collection I'm working on by using the shortcut "B".

After having created a new collection, the next step inevitably is making the new collection the "target collection". It would be great if I could spare myself the navigation and clicks to do that by just selecting a "Set as target collection" tick box. The dialog box should remember the setting of the tick box for the next time I create a collection.
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Posted 8 years ago

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I was just going to raise this myself, it seems so logical and cuts out an extra step!
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The process for creating a New Collection should be streamlined -- the present set of dialogues is clumsy. For instance, if I want to create a New Collection and then make it the target collection, I have to open two separate dialogues.

That's so inefficient! Why not include the "make target collection" button in the first dialogue? That would be so much faster and simpler.

Also, if I happen to be in the Develop Module, where I do most of my work, I then have to switch back to the Library Module and go through the directory hierarchy to get back to the folder from where I will pick the selects to go into the collection -- wouldn't it be easier to simply have a button in the first dialogue labeled "return to previous folder" to get me back quickly to my starting point?

In any case, thank you for the excellent Lightroom 4 Beta and the opportunity to comment on it!

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Feature request for LR :
I am a new user of LR (v 3.2), in french : I hope to use the right words in english, related to my request.

In the Create a new collection dialog box, have a checkbox (similar to the one Include selected photos) which would allow to have the newly created collection be the target (the one with a + sign), thus allowing immediately to populate that collection by pressing the B shortcut after selecting photos.

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Create New collection as Target.
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An option to make a new collection the Target Collection while creating the new collection.

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Lightroom: Create Collection option to make new collection the Target Collection when creating new collection..
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FYI this seems to have been implemented. In Lightroom 5.3 there is a checkbox for this purpose.

The problem I have now is that the focus always changes to the new collection. So if you are examining a portion of you catalog and decide that you want to make a new target collection as soon as you create it you are ripped out of your current view into the new empty collection.
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Maybe not optimal, but if you click the back button, you'll go, back..

Granted, without plugin intervention, you'll lose your place - ugh.
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Thanks for the tip.

However, I am now quite puzzled as I was able to create several new "empty" collections with and without the "set target collection" checkbox checked or not and my source was not changed.

It seems to me that the source was always changing to the new collection whether it was empty or included some images but that is not happening now.

What is the expected behavior anyway?
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I frequently can't predict how LR will change the current source and selection. But my Any Source plugin provides a Back command that will take you back to your previous source *and* selection. (This is the way the Back button worked in the Photoshop Elements Organizer, and I sure wish that's the way the LR Back button worked too.)
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Thanks John, I'll check it out. For all the great things in Lightroom I continue to be baffled by some of the quirky behavior. This is one such example.