Lightroom: Ability to move Adjustment Brush Pins

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One problem I have when not using a tripod is that the place where I have used an adjustment brush has moved a little bit in each successive picture. It would be nice to be able to click the pin and simply move that point of adjustment. You can do it with the graduated filter, why not the adjustment brush?
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Posted 8 years ago

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I never use the scrubby pins, so wouldn't miss that feature at all. In fact it often hurts me because if you click too close to a visible and active pin then it often changes the adjustement instead of brushing. That drives me crazy!

I would use a "move pin" feature all the time if it were available.
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Agreed. I never use the scrubby pins. Never. All they ever do is get in my way, so that I accidentally change all the settings on my brush. Yeah, that's pleasant.
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Move over scrubby pin would seem preferable for my work.
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Would LOVE the ability to move an Adjustment Brush target in Lightroom! That way, in a series of nearly-similar images, I can paint in the adjustment on the first one, copy it to the others then go to the following individual images and move that adjustment point. This would be a fantastic time saver . . . hold cmd/ctrl and then drag that point and its mask right into place without having to re-paint an entire adjustment. We can do it w/ a Graduated Filter, would it be that hard to do w/ the Adjustment Brush settings? It seems like a no-brainer! Please?

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Lightroom: Can we please move an Adjustment Brush target to speed things up in similar frames?.
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One issue could be with auto masking??
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I highly support this request. Highly annoying and time consuming to have to redraw adjustment brush zones, when it would take a second to just move it.


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I've made up some explaining screenshots on obvious examples. I have never used that implemented "dragging" functionality - Funny idea but honestly it never served me before.
BUT alternatively really dragging adjustment brushes would be AWESOME - I repaint these fiddly adjustments almost on a daily basis and always am annoyed that shape would fit but cannot move, so have to redo...

Adobe - what do you think? Wouldn't it be great and intuitive?

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+1, exactly why we need this.