Lightroom: Ability to Invert Adjustment Brush Masks

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[Duplicating and moving adjustment brush strokes was added to LR many versions ago. -- John Ellis 2/4/19]

It would be helpful to duplicate the mask from an adjustment brush pin to use for other purposes, even better if could invert as well. Use example: darking the background of an image above a horizon line, but where a person is in front. A mask would be created by painting around the person. If a separate adjustment to just the person was required rather than paint a new mask could duplicate and invert the one from the previous pin and start from there.
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Posted 8 years ago

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Would like to request the lightroom team to allow right click to enable duplication of an adjustment pin. This will save lot of time. Eg when intricate brush strokes have been painted a mask for local adjustments, it would be nice if the adjustment pin can be duplicated to build on the adjustments


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i wish i could duplicate or copy /paste a mask for adjustments. sometimes i need an extra adjustment like, go darker using the se same adjustmen brush twice.

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LR is great for retouching,
but one thing is missing for sure:
Masks, that can be used by several adjustment brushes.

Problem: often a complex mask needs to be used
several times for different adjustments.
- Copying a mask already would help.

What user scenarios do you have?
Do you think, this idea is great, too?

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Masks for multiple use in LR.
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Well we got duplicate, which is pretty great for when you want to make another Grad or radial filter, but useless for the brush tool since you can't move it and because once you max a slider, duplicating it barely has any extra effect.

But now it would be great to have "invert settings".
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Note that you can actually move local brush adjustments, starting with Camera Raw 8.2. Just click on a pin and drag to move it. (You'll need to have the brush tool selected, and make sure that Show Pins is checked.)

(Note: This thread appears in both the ACR and Lr forums, so I need to clarify this ability is only available in ACR at the moment.)
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I would really like to invert an adjustment brush. Sometimes it's much easier to brush the opposite of what I want to adjust.
For example, I want to leave the main subject as is and use negative clarity to soften the background, and it's far easier, using auto-mask, to grab the subject accurately.
I could use the radial tool, but it's too uniform in shape. The adjustment brush gives me far more flexibility.

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in Lightroom when I use the adjustment brush to selectively apply settings to a portion of a photograph I frequently want to apply different settings to the opposite area of the photo (the inverted area of the selection). Having an inversion option in the contextual menu along with "duplicate", "delete", and "reset brushing" would be wonderful.
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In Camera Raw, I often control the luminosity of subjects vs. background using the adjustment brush. It would be useful to mask the background, adjust its luminosity, then invert the mask to apply a separate and different adjustment to the luminosity of the subjects. However, as of 3/21/2018, ACR has no facilities to invert an adjustment brush mask and make it available for a separate adjustment. So, my suggestion is to please design such a feature and incorporate it into an ACR update.