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Description of issues in Lightroom 5.2 Numbers are the English language Description letters are the steps to get to the bug.

1. zoom 1:1, Fill, and resuming to fit are exceptionally slow.
a. Preform Zoom In and then Zoom Out or any other zoom operation

2. While in Adjustment brush mode, if highlighting an area while showing Masking overlay, there is a delay, sometimes quite long, before the overlay shows up. It also takes a long time to change locations while zoomed in and moving from one position to another during highlighting. The previously highlighted areas also delay in showing up once finally moved to a new area (but still slightly within previous highlighted overlay).
a. Zoom 1:1
b. Wait until it loads 1:1
c. Watch as it goes back and forth between 1:1 and full
d. When it finally properly zooms, click on Adjustment brush
e. Wait...
f. Wait some more
g. Click “new”
h. Wait.
i. Click on “skin soften” option.
j. Click on zoomed portion of picture to place adjustment brush marker/dot
k. Wait approximately 30 seconds delay for marker/dot to show up (perhaps use this time to make a mocha?)
l. Once dot/marker shows up, press “Show selected mask overlay”
m. Start “skin softening” area.
n. Pause because the highlight for this option is delayed and isn’t showing up until moments after going over the area. (Leisurely sipping coffee...)
o. Repeating step “M” and “N” for entire length of the 1:1 zoom area of skin
p. Move mouse to left side ‘Navigator’ box’s picture and wait for mouse to go back to mouse icon, not Adjustment brush icon, about 45 seconds (Probably a good time for a trip to the bathroom).
q. Move zoom box to different area, or try to as the motion jerks, and isn’t fluid in placement.
r. Wait for it to zoom, then repeat steps ‘M’, ‘N’, ‘O’, ‘P’ (Minus the bathroom break) until covering the entire facial area needing to be softened. It’s enough to bring me to near-weeping.

3. Develop changes lag. While in adjustment brush, spot removal, etc, it will show only a few degrees of change (up or down) responding very slowly, if at all. Then, the changes will respond all at once making large changes. It's impossible to calibrate changes accurately. One easy way to see this is changing skin softening; moving the bar in the minus direction several degrees until it (slowly) starts to look normal. Several moments after pressing "done" it will make large changes all at once, in a drastic, catch-up response.
a. After finishing the ever-daunting task of going over an entire face/highlighting it, I un-click the “Show selected mask overlay” button.
b. To the right, I start to slide the “clarity” away from -100 and starting towards positive. I usually make my way to the 30’s and go down from there as the changes are made. However, all the changes don’t happen right away, but some of them do, which tricks me every time into thinking that all of them have been made so I continue to mess with the slider until I come to the desired “clarity” only to find out after I’ve pressed “Done” that it hadn’t fully made changes.
c. Several moments after pressing “Done” it will discharge all of its pent-up changes and BAM! I my picture isn’t anything remotely what I wanted it to look like, and I have to go back and painstakingly slowly, mess with the “clarity” bar. Actually, usually I just give up, and close my computer at this point because I’m so frustrated.
d. I whip out the alcohol and switch to that because coffee just isn’t enough anymore! Lightroom5 is making me an alcoholic! Okay, I’m just kidding about the alcohol, but by the time I’ve dealt with Lightroom5 up to this point, I have to walk away.

4. When highlighting pure whites and blacks in a photo, and removing them, once in a different zoom, it doesn't process the changes to the white and blacks that have been made and continues to highlight those areas.

5. It takes a really long time for the Lightroom5 blue startup screen to disappear from screen.

6. I just purchased Lightroom5 not that long ago and I don't recall having these problems at the start. I believe I began to see them about a week and a half ago, maybe two weeks. I re-installed Lightroom5 with no positive changes. I'm sure there are more problems, but because the lack of ability to work with Lightroom5 I haven't been using it. I have been reading the same problems I have been having on the Lightroom Community Page, but someone mentioned that Adobe only reads the Feedback page. I would really love to get back to photo editing soon, I hope these issues can be cleared up.
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We'd generally suggest posting bugs as separate threads, so they can be tracked properly, but it sounds like these are all related.

It would help to know your operating system and the specs of your computer, as we're not hearing a mass of people with these kinds of issues.