Lightroom (4): What is the order of Tone+Presence, Tone Curve, HSL, Effects and Split Toning in the actual ACR pipeline?

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"Inspired" by the thread and Lee Jays and Jeff Schewes suggestion to use the tone curve to blow out bright backgrounds, I asked myself the following question:

What is the order in which tone/color changes are applied when changing Tone+Presence, Tone Curve, HSL, Effects and Split Toning? I.e. what is their order in the actual ACR processing pipeline? Edit: I don't mean the chronological order - I know that it does not matter which slider is changed first and which one is changed last - only the final combination matters!


1. When the tone controls are set to recover a lot of highlights and whites (negative values), and the tone curve is set to increase them, does the tone curve change the *output* of the tone controls without any further "adaptive / tone mapping" changes, or does it modify the *input* data that goes into the tone controls? This is relevant e.g. for the above mentioned thread.

2. When using HSL to change the hue of red to orange, does a tone curve in the red channel affect the HSL *output*, i.e. only the red part of the resulting orange, or the HSL *input*, i.e. the whole changed-to-orange part?

3. etc.

Particularly with regard to the tone curve, I assume that the histogram shown there is the *input* histogram for the tone curve. Based on this assumption and the changes of the tone curve histogram, I determined that the tone curve probably comes *after* tone+presence, HSL and effects (!), but *before* split toning - is that correct?

An additional question is how the local corrections interact with the other controls: I assume that most of them are not an additional layer, but rather change the existing controls in a local matter. This would be consistent with the changes that one can see in the tone curve histogram, too.

P.S. I assume that white balance and lens corrections (vignetting) are always done first before anything else...
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