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Thanks for everyone's patience and feedback on the Lightroom 4.0 release. As noted in last week's blog post we've identified several issues with this initial release including a few conditions where performance slowdowns could occur.

Lightroom 4.1 is now available on Adobe Labs:

Includes bug fixes for several top issues and includes 5D Mk III support:

Tom Hogarty
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Tom Hogarty, Lightroom Product Manager

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Posted 8 years ago

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Bartek Podkowa

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Recently I installed the RC2 of LR 4.1 and immediately noticed that it started to overload my CUP (up to 600% on activity monitor record). It looks like it is done at the point of generating the preview of auto-imported image at my second display.

Up to LR 4.1 RC1 everything was OK here, now during auto-import the second screen does have a problem with preview rendering (preview is not being generated well - it simply stretches the small preview with bad quality and the CPU gets overload by far at the same time). My iMac got very hot after some 10 minutes or LR 4.1 RC2 work and I had to quit the LR and restart the computer. Prior to going back to RC1 I reproduced the RC2 CPU overload immediately once again after complete shutdown and restart of the system so it was not a single isolated case but rather repeatable. I reverted to 4.1 RC1 and no problem, CPU is not overloaded anymore at the same time previews are generating well on both monitors. I have such a problem with CPU overload for the first time ever - I work with Lightroom everyday since version 1.

Please try to identify and address this bug in final release, and if necessary I can give more details.

At the RC1 (LR 4.1) I observed that Canon EOS 5D mark III does not work well in tethered mode directly from LR. It works however via EOS Utility and Auto-Import. But this is probably known as I suppose - please let me know if at the final 4.1 should I expect the 5DIII working in tethered mode via LR only?

My hardware/Software config at the time of RC2 issue:

iMac 27 i7 mid 2010 + CinemaDisplay 27, Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 with all latest updates, Adobe CS 5.5 + Photoshop 6 public beta, camera working via Auto-Import of Lightroom (Canon WFT E-2 connected to EOS 1DsIII working in FTP mode).

This RC2 issue surprised me as RC1 used to work very smooth in my case and I was expecting it to become final release very soon :-)

thanks in advance
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After one full hour with LR4.1 RC2, and developing some shoots,I just find it wonderful, with an amazing speed, especially in develop mode. Display refresh speed is wow ! Even the first time zoom seems to be shorter (beetwen one and two second). And all commands are smooth on my x3 cores Amd.
The first run was without any problem, CPU at 1% after 5 secondes. 18000 images in the library.
The new chromatic aberration correction in Lens Corrections is very fine and accurate.

All is okay. Well done !
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Larry Van Valkenburgh

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what is RC2?
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Rob Cole

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@2012-05-01 - the latest version number of Lr4.1 Release Candidate.
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Larry Van Valkenburgh

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Oh, ok. I was lost when people started saying RC.
Thank you.