Lightroom 4 so slow that I went back to LR3

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Lightroom 4: slow and imprecise! I am very deceived by LR4 and I wish to have a refund. I purchased it basing on my experience with LR3 but what a bad surprise! The application is much slower than LR3, in particular the development tools are so slow that I couldn't work (I use correction tools quite a lot, which saves me from passing through PS). Add to that the fact that it changed all (all!) the curves of my previous edits and its inconsistency in tones and colors when editing in PS and it gives you the reason why I went back to LR3. And no, RC4.1 didn't solve the problems (it's a little less slow, but nothing making me consider to use it). Is it possible to have a refund?
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Posted 7 years ago

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Lightroom 4 is practically unusably slow in all manners and unsuitable for a professional environment.
Adobe, 4.2 needs a dramatic performance shift.

I have dual SSDs, Lots of RAM, a fast processor and graphics card in my mac, I know people with Mac Pro's even more kitted out and complaining about the same issues.

LR 3 was acceptable, not even as fast as I would have liked it to be, but acceptable.
LR 4 is not acceptable, at all.

The new processing engine is pretty good, but worthless as it cant really be used in any sort of manner that doesnt have the user pulling their hair out. Sliders dont pull smoothly, render previews take a crazy amount of time to render, you cant really use this program for any sort of normal high volume work. I am a professional photographer and I open this program rarely, when I used to use it daily.

Performance is by far the most important part of software.
What annoys me perhaps even more than the fact that LR has been out for a number of months now and there are still these massive slow downs, is that you cut people out of LR 3 by not supporting the new cameras from Nikon and Canon so I cant even use LR 3 instead till this gets fixed.

So, I have to use LR4 to work on my 5D MK3 files.

I really don't want to have to move back to Phase, but if this keeps up, I wont have any choice. C1P performs as it always did with the new cameras, much faster than LR4.

Please address these issues. As a working professional this really hurts my whole workflow, and I know I am not alone in this.

Thank you.
- James