Lightroom 4: Inconsistencies in the slider increments when using the up/down arrow keys

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The normal behaviour of the value increment using the up/down arrow keys while a slider is active (mouse cursor is hovering over it) is as follows:
- without any other keys: normal
- with shift key: large
- with alt key: small

However, in the following cases this is no longer true:

1. In local corrections, other increments are used:
- without any other keys: *small*
- with shift key: large, but not as large as in global settings (e.g. clarity: 10 vs. 20)
- with alt key: has no effect, i.e. small.
Note: I understand that for the brush settings, using the alt key is not possible because it is used to switch between normal and erase mode. But for the others, it should be possible, and I don't understand why the increments are different from the global controls when no modifier key are used at all.

2. After a slider is clicked on, or changed by dragging the slider, neither shift key nor alt key do work anymore. Instead, the increments are always normal (or small for the local corrections). One must move the mouse cursor away from the slider and then hovering over it again to make it work again.

3. When a correction brush pin is active, hovering does no longer work for the global controls. Instead, the last clicked-on sliders of the brush are moving, sometimes even multiple sliders at once - even if the mouse cursor is not hovering over any slider at all! Happens only for brush - graduated filter seems to behave correctly.

4. Spot removal: When a spot is active, hovering does no longer work for the global controls, too. This is understandable because the arrow keys are used to move the active spot removal. However, the global slider should not being drawn as activated, then.

LR 4.0 final 64Bit Win7.
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Posted 7 years ago

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I gave up using modifier keys in conjunction with arrow keys. The behaviour was just too inconsistent.

Well done for figuring out all cases.

I hope if someone gets to this, they will also fix the annoying bug in the Windows version that stops the "flow" value keyboard input from working when the temporary eraser brush is active.