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After using Lightroom 4 for a while now, here are some ideas to improve it;

They are all in Library mode...
- Keyword suggestions... they change while adding Keywords to a picture. This is most annoying when wanting to add keywords quick and painless. The human mind, that's how mine works anyway, remembers the placement of keywords. When I wan a add a keywords, I remember the next keyword, however after adding another one, the place of the keyword I wanna add in the keyword suggestion box changes! Really annoying. Stop changing the Keyword suggestion box after adding just one keyword

- Keyword Suggestions and Keyword Set: Give the possibility to expand these boxes to add more Keywords. Twelve plus twelve seems a bit limited. (My library is closing in to 80000 pictures.

- Boxes in General: Give them the Photoshop behavior. Make them dragable, moveable and give them the possibility to enlarge and expand. This would help enormously with a second monitor.

Thats it so far....

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Raymond Janssen

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  • waiting for these changes!!!!

Posted 8 years ago

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john beardsworth

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I wonder if you don't understand the idea behind keyword suggestions? As you enter keywords, the code examines existing pictures which have similar combinations of keywords and then updates the suggestions. This is often amazingly helpful and I'd love the idea to be extended both in this panel and to other features such as the Recent Entries for other metadata fields.

The sets give you a fixed layout, so maybe just hide the suggestions if they confuse you. But I agree it would be great to have more items in the set (even if after 9 the Alt/Option plus number shortcuts don't work).

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Raymond Janssen

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Dear John,

I get your point, it's a good point. And I do get the idea behind the suggestions. my point only is, to not change them after just adding one keyword. It's simply to fast. I add more than one keyword to a picture and my mind remembers where the second keyword is I wanna add. However, as it is right now, the keyword suggestion changes immediately after adding just one keyword.
It is a great tool for adding Keywords, just give me the option or possibility to toggle those rapid changes on or off. Or even just change the last three keywords in the keyword suggestion box. That would already be an enormous help.
I like the idea behind the keyword suggestion box, question is, is a change in suggestions after adding just one keyword approvable and a behavioral wish?
My answer no...

Take it slow... and give me some options!

PS: Thanks for the quick reply and the Alt/Option idea!
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Wahrmut Sobainsky

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I'm still waiting for making the 'boxes' more flexible in size.
Photoshop can do, Bridge can do, but LR is still behind.
I especially miss more width of the keyword list panel because I'm using some large hierarchies.