Lightroom 4: Export: "Use unique names" / "Existing files: Choose new name" does not work correctly

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Steps to reproduce:
1. Create an empty folder for exporting
2. Import a raw, e.g. "abc.cr2"
3. Edit it in photoshop so that an "abc.tif" is created (set file naming template just to "Filename")
4. Edit the raw again in photoshop so that an "abc-2.tif" is created
5. Export the raw as JPEG without renaming, so a "abc.jpg" is created in the export folder
6. Select boths TIFs and export them as JPEG, using "Existing files: Ask what to do"
7. Answer "use unique names" when the dialog pops up

Expected result: There should be two additional JPEGs in the export folder now, named either "abc-2.jpg" + "abc-2-2.jpg" or "abc-2.jpg" + "abc-3.jpg", depending on their sorting order.

Actual result: Only *one* additional file appears in the export folder, named "abc-2.jpg". Which one of boths TIFFs is actually exported is apparently determined by the sorting order - the second one "wins".

I didn't monitor the export process using a file monitor or the like, but I suspect that both images are in fact exported, but both get the same name assigned by the export logic so the second one overwrites the first one. There seems to be no additional check for name conflicts among the currently exported files themselves in this case - only the first check for name conflict with the existing file.

The same behaviour is seen when using "Existing files: Choose a new name..." in the export settings.

LR 4.0 64Bit / Win7.

P.S. At first, this may seem to be just a minor bug. However, I consider it not minor because a picture file is actually lost (although easily re-createble at any time). It's definitely not a *severe* bug, though.
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