Lightroom: Enable Zoom with Crop Tool

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This may have already been suggested, but it would be nice if the zoom feature in Lightroom 4 could be enabled while using the crop tool to make refined adjustments to the crop area. At present, there is only a clumsy work-around using the secondary display for refined crop adjustments.
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Since there is endpoint zoom when using the guided transform function, it seems possible to add this to crop/level too.
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This is a badly needed feature . I really need zoom with crop in order to do very small crops.
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my lumix had the ability to do this in camera perhaps 12 years ago and it enables you to create better photos! please introduce. can anyone help me to find another program that does this well?
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Even Adobe Camera Raw can do.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Zoom While Cropping, Crop While Zoomed.

This has been asked for, in many different ways, in many different places, many different times, for many, many, many years. We want to be able to use zoom and crop at the same time, aka, zoom in - while cropping, aka, crop while zoomed in.

I recently mentioned the issue on Facebook, and the Lightroom page responded, telling me to post a feature request here. I guess they haven't seen this post from over 5 years ago.

You can zoom and crop in Camera Raw.
You can zoom and crop in the Lightroom app; tablets and phones.
But you can NOT zoom and crop in Lightroom CC; desktop software.

Here is just one example for why having this ability would be so useful in the Lightroom desktop software.

Say you have a high resolution scan/photo of a bunch of old film negatives. Light room is a great way to process them. You can apply the invert filters, adjust all the lighting, shading, turn them in to good, usable photos, very quickly, with the ability to easily go back and make adjustment at any time. Except when it comes to separating each negative into a separate image. The first part, creating multiple instances of the same image, Lightroom has you covered. "Create Virtual Copy" was practically made just for this operation! But cropping is where it falls flat and dies. Trying to do a clean, level crop, from a million miles away... it's painful, and kills off all the motivation you have for the project in an instant. ... And, just so it's noted, the 'Navigator' windows is absolutely no help for this problem.

Please, please, please, let us zoom while cropping.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Can we have a lupe for cropping like there is for the transform tool.

The transform tool has a lupe tool, so you can see zoomed in where you are drawing lines for verticals and horizontals, can we please have something for the crop tool. It would be incredibly useful for cropping artwork, close to edges of unwanted items in a frame etc.
The subroutines are already in place for the transform tool, so it should not be hard to implement this as a needed update for cropping
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled I would love the ability to zoom and crop/straighten..

I would love the ability to zoom and then be able to crop/straighten..
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Adding my voice to being able to zoom to crop (I have voted) Cropping really needs to be able to zoom into the corners of the crop so it can be set accurately. Especially when trying to match corners and edges in an image. Having to resort to photoshop and creating a psd file in the process isn't massively efficient in time or disk space ;)

This would also be useful for the level tool in the crop dialog. I really struggle to accurately drop the ends of the level tool on horizons etc when an image has to be zoomed out to "Fit".
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Haven't managed to find anything that would suggest this feature is being looked at so adding my two cents.
Would really be a major workaround as having to continuously swap between photoshop and lightroom purely for cropping is just annoying.

For context, I am taking pictures of materials that need to be measured to a scale and then cropped to certain sizes depending on pattern repeats etc. So having a zoom/crop feature is essential, especially when trying to crop to the nearest half millimeter.
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I support this!  Funny thing is that the Transform Guided mode already has it!
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This thread is 7 years old and Adobe hasn't done anything about it! It's a shame because it's a daily frustration for me, and the workaround with two monitors is better than nothing, but can't be done when I'm traveling with my laptop. C'mon Adobe, photographers like to precisely frame their photographs and there is just no way to do this with the current limitations of the crop tool.
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This is nuts! Why can't we zoom in while cropping? Why do we need to inform Adobe that this is an essential tool for almost all photographers? What's the voting threshold to finally have this feature implemented?