Lightroom 4 (4.1RC): Library filter presets "Used" and "Unused"

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Question #1: What do these presets mean? It seems not to be documented. In the luminous landscape forum, someone mentioned that they indicated whether or not a photo has been used in the book module. Is this correct?

Question #2: Why do both presets always show all photos in my catalog? So all photos are used *and* unused at the same time - how can that be?

Question #3: Ist this filter accessible through a button or a menu item? It seems that it belongs to the "Attribute" filter section because that is enabled when selected one of these presets. However, I do not see any new item in the "Attribute" section. I think it would be weird if some filter criterium is only available via predefined presets, but not directly.

EDIT: Ok, now I found out that these two presets are only usable directly in the book module in the context of the current book, and there they work as expected. However, I think it is extremely confusing that this is implemented as an internal (??) filter preset that is completely unusable in the normal library grid view and has no representation in the attributes filter section. IMHO this was not a good GUI design choice for the book module.
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Posted 8 years ago

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Q1 - That is correct

Q2 - It is a bit misleading, but it depends on having a book selected in Collections - in any module

Q3 - No, only where you see it. I agree that it does look as if it has been strapped on as an afterthought
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Hello, I am using Lightroom 4 and I have so far found two problems.
The first is very annoying and must be fixed in my opinion.
In Library mode when I use filters in a Collection the filter for Used or Unused is always enabled and there's no way of disabling it except disabling all filters totally. for example i enable the 'flagged' attribute filter and it shows no results (although there are many flagged photos!) because at the same time Used is enabled and I don't use the photo book function. When in a normal folder this is not the case by default but once clicking Used or Unused (may it be by accident) it's there and there's no way of disabling it.
Since until now I don't use photo books i can avoid the problem by leaving the filter always in Unused, but once I should start using the books function it will now show the photos used in the book.
It would be important to implement Used and Unused in the attributes in the same way as flagged status, color or anything.
furthermore it's nowhere explained what used and unused are for. i could only find it out by searching through various forums.

The second is the problem of "cannot display help". i already tried both ways to prevent this given in the lightroom 2 help, but it didn't work. since help is only online anyways and all it does is open the web browser, it would be good to include a link to the help in the error message.
thank you for your consideration

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Lightroom 4 : Impossible to disable Used and Unused Filters.
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While "used" and "unused" are a bit unusual, they are still ordinary library filter presets. That means there is no way to "disable" it. Instead, you have to deselect it simply by selecting a different preset. To disable everything and start from scratch, there is the "Filters Off" preset (if not there, use "Restore Default Presets". Just to make it clear: They are presets that include the settings for all three sub-filters text, attribute and metadata.

Concerning the following two points, I have a little difficulty to understand: 1. You say that when you use one of "Used" or "Unused", no photos are selected. This is a little bit strange because normally, in library, these filters are dummies and always show all photos, i.e. they have no filter ability altogether. 2. How can you select "flagged" and at the same time "Used" is still shown? The moment one selects "flagged" (or makes any other change to the attributes filter), "Used" changes to "Custom Filter".

Edit: I just found out that you can't get rid of "Used" when adding text or metadata filters, which seems to be a general problem with default presets: However, your problem has to be a different one, because even then, the presence of Used and Unused does not matter - it does not filter, i.e. it always shows all pictures.