Lightroom (4.3RC1): Video: OK or not OK, that is the question...

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Looks like it's not OK, but rollover reveals contents, and it plays just fine (plenty of time elapsed for Lr to update thumb...).

I've also had some cases where importing failed altogether (same video), after removing it from catalog and deleting it from disk, error message: "AgImportSession.addOnePhotoToLibrary: failed to import photo".

(and then sometimes it imports just fine, looks just fine (folder and thumb), and plays just fine (again, same video, after removing from catalog and deleting from disk))

UPDATE: If I rename the video folder (on disk, not Lightroom) so it is *really* missing, then rename it back to what it was, all is well (folder is found, video file is not missing, and thumb is not grey):

UPDATE #2: Just had another case where Lr said it didn't import it (see error message above) but video is imported just fine. - hmm.....

UPDATE #3: Not just videos (although usually videos). This photo can be exported just fine...:
in this case, renaming the file so it's really missing (using OS), then back again, doesn't help, however renaming the folder so it's really missing (using OS), then back again, makes everything OK.

PS - win7/64.

UPDATE #4: catalog:addPhoto( video, ... ) -- I have found a work-around: ignore the error thrown by this function (since, as I said, it is ultimately working, even though it thinks it didn't), and instead poll the catalog until the photo (video) appears via catalog:findPhotoByPath( video ). Although this work-around may get me through the day, this problem should be fixed - it wouldn't surprise me if it's related to other problems...
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