Lightroom 4.3: Incorrect / incomplete import of data out of PSE

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Lightroom 4.3: Incorrect / incomplete import of data out of PSE

Up to now I have used Photoshop Elements to manipulate and organize my pictures. As Lightroom gives a more elegant way to do this, I tried to migrate to Lightroom.

After the import of PSE catalogs into Lightroom 4.3 it came up, that Lightroom doesn't care of some data, which were put via PSE in the catalogue and picture file.

1. Most severe is the wrong presentation of the date and time, when the picture was shot. I scanned a lot of negatives and transparencies and added relevant informations by means of my PSE. Because
I would have to check and to correct many thousands of fotos, this fault is a no-go for the migration to Lightroom.

2. Next deficit is the lack of the given information in the field „Anmerkungen“ in the german edition of PSE, stored as Exif Information in „album:Notes=”. I'm very interested, that these information isn't lost when I migrate to Lightroom.

But Lightroom 4.3 doesn't care at all about these notes.

Lightroom manages to give very efficient and sophisticated tools to fine-tune pictures, it has a quick and powerful database, but failes in these basic requirements. I can't understand this.

I started to ask my friends about their experiences with other photo organizers. Up to now nobody reported me similar problems with the time stamp.

Are there any readers, who are willing to assist me in the call for the elimination of these insufficiencies?

Examples of the picture files can be found in my german request, action No 0184016843 and 0183981887

Norbert Baumhoff
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Posted 7 years ago

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Regarding the incorrect capture times, can you post a link to an example stored in Dropbox or a similar free service, along with the precise date/times shown in PSE and LR? (This forum's software appears to strip metadata from your image above.)

Note that while PSE implements date/times with missing time, day of month, and month, LR does not and will not handle them properly.

Regarding the PSE Notes field, PSE stores it in the metadata field XMP:Notes. I think PSE is the only program that uses that metadata field. When I converted from PSE, I first made sure that all the PSE catalog data was stored in the photos by doing File > Write Keyword Tag. Then I converted to LR. Next, I used Exiftool to append the XMP:Notes field onto the end of the metadata fields used to store captions (XMP:Description, EXIF:ImageDescription, IPTC:Caption-Abstract). Finally, I told LR to reread the catalog metadata from the photos with the Read Metadata From File command.
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Dear John,

I thank you for your reply from 11.02.2013.

According to your suggestion I installed dropbox on my computer. Now I can give you access to two pictures (I hope it works). Both were scanned a long time after the photos were shot, so the precise capture- date and time are not known and were not added to the file during scanning and postediting. This is the case for all pictures, which were scanned from negative or positive transparencies or from other photos on paper.

You mentioned, that LR may not handle incomplete time stamps. May be that this is the reason for my problems. It' a shame, as PSE handles it as I do expect. But LR would be the better tool for adjusting color deviations, as many pictures have to be edited in the same way.

Here are some details to my photos:

The link via dropbox is:


Shown capture date in PSE10: 01.02.1980 00:00

Shown in LR4:
Datum der Metadaten: 21.01.2013 12:59:31
Datum/Uhrz.Digital 08.08.2009 11:01:37
Datum/Uhrzeit 11.01.2013 21:59:27

Windows Explorer shows 08.08.2009

With a HexEditor I found within the file:
Elements Organizer 10.0.2013:01:11 21:59:27...........À...........Ô.......1980:02: 00:00:00.2009:08:08 11:01:37...........PIE.

I try to interpret:
Elements Organizer 10.0 = My last used organizer
2013:01:11 21:59:27 = Could be the last import into PSE, I can't remember
1980:02: 00:00:00 = Estimated capture year and month (time is nonsense)
2009:08:08 11:01:37 = could be the date of digitizing
PIE = Scanner

SW1960 Notkapelle-2.jpg

Shown capture date in PSE10: 1954
And that's the correct information, without month and day, as no more is known.

Shown in LR4:
Datum der Metadaten: 21.01.2013 13:00:05
Datum/Uhrz.Digital 03.09.2009 11:56:31
Datum/Uhrzeit 11.01.2013 21:49:41

Windows Explorer shows 03.09.2009

The HexEditor finds:
Elements Organizer 10.0.2013:02:08 19:39:51...........0221........6...........J.... ........... ......C.... ..............1954: : 00:00:00.2009:09:03 11:56:31.....

Could it be, that the structure of the EXIF part is not strictly defined, so that every programme writes information in its special manner?

John, I thank you too for your hints regarding the „Notes“ in PSE. Up to now I didn't have the time to test your procedure. For me that's not so important as the correct time stamp.

Kind regards

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I checked the photos you provided, and indeed the issue is with the date/times specified in PSE with unknown month, day, or time:

SW1960 Notkapelle-2.JPG: Date/Time Original: 1954
N1980-02 FxB07.JPG: Date/Time Original: 1980:02

While there is a industry standard governing such incomplete date/times, PSE doesn't implement it completely correctly, and LR doesn't implement it all. See here for more details on PSE's handling of them:

DO NOT give LR's Save Metadata To File command -- this will overwrite the metadata in your files with completely wrong dates!

See the above link for my suggested convention of how to record unknown month, day, or time.

Also, I suggest you get the free Exiftool for examining metadata in your files.

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