Lightroom 4.1: When pushing top item down in collection stack, thumb UI not updating properly in grid view.

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To reproduce, take a stack of two, in a collection, collapsed:

NEF on top, JPG underneath. (I assume NEF could be any other extension as well...).

Right click the NEF on top, and select "move down in stack".

What should happen: JPG appears to be top of stack now, and stack handle remains.

What does happen: NEF appears to be top of stack still, and expansion handle disappears.

If one expands stacks and then re-collapses, all is well. So, the stack order was changed, it's just that something was lost in translation of the memo for the UI.

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Posted 7 years ago

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Yes, reproduced it. File type or stack size does not seem to matter. I tried it with one master and 2 stacked virtual copies in a folder. Expanding the stack via menu or restarting LR resolves the situation.

Interestingly, the wrong displayed picture (NEF in your case) is still the active one, e.g. when you go to develop in this state, that wrong picture is loaded into develop module.

LR 4.1 final 64 Bit Win7.

P.S. Also interesting: If you afterwards expand the stack by menu, and then push the photo *up* again, there appear *two* stacks judging by the stack handles. However, it is still only one stack in reality. Very strange.