Lightroom 4.1: Edit in CS5 filters in Filter menu greyed out when file is opened

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I'm running a Mac, Snow Leopard, NiK and on one plug ins, 4 GB ram
I had run Lightroom 3 in the past
no problem with passing a file from LR 3 to CS5
Now when i pass a file from LR 4 to CS5 - most of my filters are greyed out - i
believe a memory problem
I never had this problem in the past (with LR 3).
I checked Activity Monitor - and, it looks like i have plenty of CPU, plenty of
HD ( I have a terabyte)
most of my files are on an ehd
I lowered all of my performance numbers in CS5 preferences (history states, cache, amount of HD used, etc. no help.
yet, i can still take a LR 3 file - and, use it in CS5 - for filters
not a LR 4 file

any ideas?
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Posted 8 years ago

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I doubt this has anything to do with memory.

Are you passing a raw or letting LR render it out? I'm guessing the former and the problem is you don't have ACR 6.7 Beta installed.
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If most of your filters in CS5 are greyed out you are passing the image in 16 bits.
In CS5 under Mode change to 8 bits.

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or check your export settings to CS5 in LR4
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Official Response
You are passing a 16-bit images to Photoshop where before you were passing 8-bit images.

Many of Photoshop's filters only run on 8-bit images.

You can either choose Image>Mode>8 bits/channel or change the Bit Depth in the Preferences>External Editing... section of Lightroom to "8-bit"
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Jeffrey, I'm sorry - I wasn't aware of the updated ACR and DNG convertor RC's. I have downloaded and installed them.

To start clean - i removed the .plists from both LR 3.6 and LR 4.1 RC. I restarted my IMAC, snow leopard, Nik plugins.
here is what i have

I set up my preferences again, making sure I was using 8 bit depth in both programs

in LR 3.6 (While I still have the EXTERNAL EDIT DIALOGUE PROBLEM) yes i can see all my filters.

lin LR 4.1 RC - try as i might - i can't get the 8 bit depth to STICK - in the preferences - in the external editing preferences. I have tried using a .psd or .TIFF file, - any of the color spaces - sRGB, ProAdobe, Adobe 1998, a resolution smaller than 300. i set my bit depth to 8 i go on to other preference entries. I come back to - external editing - my bit depth to CS5 is reset to 16 bit.

And, yes, once in CS5 i can reset my bit depth to 8 bit - and, Walla my filters are back again. But, what is happening to my preferences - why can't i set them to 8 bits directly in LR 4.1?

and, I still have the problem with the External Editing Dialog box in both LR 3.6
and, LR 4.1 RC!
help me..

having surgery tomorrow, so, may be late in responding after late today - until a couple of days for now.

But I do thank you for your quick responses.
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Jeffrey, one other odd thing that is happening - as i'm looking thru my system is for LR 4.1 RC I have over 248 CACHEnnnn.dat files in my Lightroom Settings Folder -

If i do a GET INFO> - I believe they are generated each and every time I open up LR 4. Because i have some for the same date. There is an index file

i opened a couple with Text Edit.. but, they don't mean anything to me, other than i can get the file info information.

I don't have this for LR 3.6 - Can I delete these - yikes.. scary.. or what is causing this to happen to this LR 4 - not LR 3?

i did run the beta - I never saw this happen then.

any Clues?

I can send you any info you need - but not sure what it is...

Believe it or not, i was a programmer, and/ or program manager for my entire working life... and, now i feel helpless.. and, that's hard.. before i could just fix it myself...