Lightroom 4.1: Metadata Preset Editor does not clear rating checkbox when selecting preset w/o rating

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In metadata preset editor:

1. Create a preset "A" not containing rating stars (checkbox for rating not ticked)
2. Create a preset "B" containing rating stars (checkbox for rating ticked)
3. Switch back to preset "A"

Expected: Checkbox for rating is not ticked because "A" does not contain rating.

Actual: Checkbox for rating is still ticked [<-- oops - corrected a typo here!]. However, in reality, preset "A" does not contain rating (can be verified by applying it, or in preset editor by first clicking "check none", then selecting "A").

Seems to be a general problem: The checkbox for rating stays ticked once it is ticked manually or by selecting a preset and it stays ticked until it is manually un-ticked or "check none" is clicked. Selecting a preset without rating will not un-tick it. If one forgets this effect, this can lead to unintentional adding of rating to a preset when updating it (or createing a new one).

Only the rating seems to be affected, all other checkboxes are ok. Can be verified by:

1. Click "check none"
2. Save as new preset "Empty"
3. Click "check all"
4. Select preset "Empty" again.

Result: All checkboxes become un-ticked except rating, which stays ticked.

LR 4.1 64 Bit, Win 7.
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