Lightroom 4.1: Library filter: Default presets are incomplete

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1. Restore default presets of library filter
2. Select "Filters off"
3. Enable Text filter, filter for some arbitrary string
4. Select "Flagged" preset

Expected: The "Flagged" preset is applied completely, i.e. no other filter is applied besides the flag status and the text filter is cleared.

Actual: The text filter persists - the preset displayed is still "Flagged", but actually the filter is "Flagged" plus the previously enabled text filter.

The cause of that is that the following entries are missing from the default presets:
columnBrowserActive = false (if not including the metadata filter)
searchStringActive = false (if not including the text filter)
filtersActive = false (if not including the attribute filter)
Only the "Filters off" preset and all self-created filters contain all of them and so they clear out the filter criteria not actually used by the preset.

This leads also to the following confusing behaviours: a) A user preset "Flagged2" when filtering for flagged photos only behaves differently from "Flagged" (i.e. it behaves correctly). And b) try the following:
1. Select "Filters off"
2. Select "Flagged"
3. Open metadata filter
4. Filter for arbitrary metadata
At step 3 or at step 4 it is expected that the preset changes to "Custom Filter", but it does not - apparently because "Flagged" is incomplete and so matched any filter that has the same attributes filter. This can be really confusing. Again, a self-saved preset behaves correctly, but only if it is not equal to a default preset because then LR tends to replace the preset with the default one. Example using the "Flagged2" created above:
1. Select "Filters off"
2. Select "Flagged2"
3. Open metadata filter
Now LR changes the filter preset to "Flagged" and again, changes to the metadata filter do not matter, it stays at "Flagged". Repeat it after deleting the default "Flagged" preset, and everything is working as expected (e.g. at step 3, preset changes to "Custom Filter"):

Because of these inconsistencies my conclusion is to delete all default presets and to only use presets that I created myself (even if a default preset would do).

Note: It is also possible to take a default preset, change it somehow, save it, change it back to its original behaviour and save it again - after that, it behaves correctly, too (until "Restore Default Presets" is used again - so it's not really advisable).

P.S. I use LR 4.1 64Bit on Win7, should the problem be platform-specific.
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