Lightroom 4.1: Differences in rendering in Library and Develop modules

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This is a refresh of a previous problem that still occurs in a particular situation. Old problem (supposedly fixed in 4.1 final):

I can still reproduce it under the following conditions: Start the LR window in a sRGB (uncalibrated) monitor and then drag the window to a wide gamut (calibrated) screen. In this case, the colors in the library view will be overly saturated.

If I restart LR (this time starting the window on the wide gamut monitor), everything is fine again.

The same logic also holds true vice versa (starting on wide gamut and dragging to sRGB), except that it's the other way round (under saturated in library view).

So, something is still wrong with the color profiles in LR when switching windows, but only for the library preview.

System: LR 4.1 final 64 bit on Windows 7 64 bit
Color management: Managed by Windows 7 for both monitors using graphics card LUT adjustements. The sRGB monitor uses the Windows default profile and the wide gamut monitor was calibrated using Argyll and a ColorMunki Display colorimeter.
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Windows 7/64 ,13 gb ram, AMD 6 core, both monitors are calibrated.

About half the time when opening LR 4.1 my B&W photos (tiff files) show up with a medium sepia tone. A restart of LR will correct this until I go to my secound monitor, on the secound monitor it still shows up with the sepia tone, monitor 1 stays as a b&w.

I have never had this problem with prior versions of LR, same computer.


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Lightroom 4.1 B&Ws are sepia.