Lightroom 3, cross-platforming probelm between Windows7 PCs and iMac.

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We are a community college Photography department program that has chosen Adobe Lightroom as our editing program to adopt and teach our students. We have been teaching the program since its conception and as a prerequisite to Adobe Photoshop courses. Currently, we are using Lightroom 3, as we will wait until the semester ends to upgrade to Lightroom 4. We are experiencing a new issue with Lightroom that appears to correspond to our campus’s upgrade to Windows 7. In particular, as experienced Lightroom users know, when one imports images into Lightroom the user designates a location for the new import. Since our students carry their catalog around on external hard drives formatted to FAT32 ( we use FAT 32 because we are working cross platform between Windows 7 64-bit and OS X 10.6.8), we have outlined a procedure for imports. Every drive is set up according to the student’s name. For example, on a PC, the location begins with a letter assigned by the computer; a photo file location appears as such: “g:\Smithlightroom\smithpictures\abstracts\abstracts-0191.dng” when a student goes to use the iMac, the file location for the same file automatically changes to “SmithVolumes\ Smithlightroom\smithpictures\abstracts\abstracts-0191.dng,” essentially, the program knows to drop the assigned letter and add the volumes direction instead, and we have never had any problems having Lightroom do so before Win7. Going cross-platform from a Windows 7 computer to an iMac (or vice versa) Lightroom cannot locate the files, they appear missing. Yes, you can relocate them; sometimes you can even relocate a whole folder by including the parent folder. Sometimes you have to point the way, stop the program and restart before the relocation is honored. For the record, students are launching LR from their external drive (that seems to be an important question from Adobe tech people. One I have answered 8 times from all my calls). Once the files are relocated, the issue starts all over again when the student goes to the other platform. Adobe insists it is not a Lightroom issue, but there is a communication problem between Lightroom and cross-plat forming that appears to be unique to Win7. Thank you for acknowledging the issue and offering potential solutions.
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