Lightroom 3.4.1: Panels: Shift/Ctrl/Alt-click do not work in some cases (and some other problems)

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Normally, Alt-Click on a panel's label toggles solo mode, and if in solo mode, Shift-Click opens the panel without closing other open panels. Ctrl-Click opens/closes all panels.

However, all three features do not work when directly clicking on the text labels "HSL", "Color" or "B&W" of the HSL/Color/B&W panel. All three have the effect of "just Click", i.e. with Alt-Click the HSL/Color/B&W panel opens/closes, without modifying solo mode, and with Shift-Click in solo mode, all other open panels are closed. Ctrl-Click only affects HSL/Color/B&W and does not open/close all the other panels. Note: Everything works perfectly when not clicking on the text labels directly, but slightly left of them on the panel bar or even between them (on the two "/").

Furthermore, apparently for *all* panels, Shift-Click and Ctrl-Click do not work when clicking on the panels' little triangle symbol (Alt-Click works). As for HSL/Color/B&W described above, they have the effect of "just click".

Another bug: The keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + Shift + 0 - 5" (Open/close left panels, top to bottom) doesn't work when using the numeric keypad (and yes, numlock *is* enabled!), e.g. in develop module, "Ctrl + Shift + 2" on the numeric pad does *not* open/close the snapshots panel. Instead, it reduces the flagged/rejected status, acting as if "Ctrl + Down Arrow" was pressed (the down arrow is on "2" on numeric keypad). Note: "Ctrl + 0 - 8" (Open/close right panels, top to bottom) works perfectly on the numeric pad (if numlock is enabled).

And another bug (not critical): It is inconsistent whether or not the little "animation" is used for opening and closing panels. For instance, in solo mode, there is no animation at all (except when using shift-click). Without solo mode, there is no animation when clicking directly on the text labels "HSL", "Color" or "B&W", or on the little triangles. Personally, I would like it if the animation would never be shown ;-)

LR 3.4.1 on WinXP 32Bit SP3.
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