Lightroom: Add TIFF, PDF & PNG as options for Print Module output

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Lightroom 4 Beta Print Module. Why are only Printer and JPEG the only output options in the Print Job>Print To panel. Why not add equally common formats such as PDF and Tiff? Sure these formats can be exported, but they are just as common as the chosen digital format, JPEG. I do not know why JPEGs were chosen, when this format can also be exported as can the others. I searched this forum but did not find similar posts.
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Posted 8 years ago

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I'll second this notion.

While using osX's built-in print-to-PDF functionality works fine for a one-off, not being able to do PDF exports directly from lightroom means that I can't use a preset to automate a workflow that would export a PDF to a particular destination.

For the next few months I'm working on a project that will require outputting some PDF contact sheets almost daily, and it would be *great* to be able to set this as a preset.
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I’d suggest that whatever file formats can be exported from the Export dialog be an option for Print. IF Export can do it, can one assume Print could do so as well?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Save to other formats such as tif and png in lightroom print module: print to, di....

Allow the option in print module to print to lossless file format such as tif or png
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I would also like to support the request that the Print module have the ability to export in the lossless TIF format.
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i sometimes need to make pdfs of a few images for clients. one pdf-file in A4 format, so they can print it straight away. thats not possible with book or slideshow module. print to pdf would be needed.

or i need to print contact sheets for myself and would like to digitally send the same contact sheets to the client. print to pdf...

and yes i can use third party printer drivers (PC), but i haven't managed yet to get the colors correct with those.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled PDF-output option in print module - feature request.

feature request: direct output as PDF from print module.
this must of course be color correct. even if only in srgb.

its there in the "book module", so please clone it to the print module.
many layout options (i.e. contact sheets) are not there in the book module

i tried using "printer" as output-option and then use a pdf printer, but i haven't found a properly color managed solution on PC (don't know if mac-pdf-printer is color correct).
Acrobat could maybe do it, but i will not buy the complete program, that i otherwise don't need.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled print to TIFF or PDF from the Print module.

Why can we not print to TIFF or PDF from the Print module? Why only JPEG or Printer? Can we please have the ability to print from the print module to TIFF and PDF thank you!