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I've synched photos from Lightroom Classic and I'm trying to rate them using the stars in Lightroom Web... but... when I change the star rating it's not reflected in the filtering. Specifically, I've rated an image at 3, then filtered for '3 or more stars' then decreased a photo's rating to 2 stars, but it stays in the 3-star filter.
This seems to persist as if 3-stars is now indelibly scored on the image regardless of the score showing as something else.
Is there an 'update rating' button?
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Posted 9 months ago

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Happens all the time to me too, but I think it's just a caching issue.  Try refreshing the web page on the filtered view and I'm guessing you'll be fine.
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Hmmm...I'm now seeing some oddities and am wondering if there's more going on here than the simple caching issues I have experienced in the past.

- I put about 20 photos in a synced collection in Lr Classic.
- On another computer, I pulled up Lr Web and went through and marked 8 of them as rejects.
- I went back to the grid view and filtered on the reject flag and only 2 showed up.
- After multiple filter resets & page refreshes, I went to the main grid page and saw that only 2 were grayed out and marked with the reject flag.
- Thinking I had missed something, I went back through and flagged the rejects again.  I cycled through the images in loupe view multiple times to make sure the flag was sticking and I hadn't messed something up.
- I then went to filter again for rejects and this time got 3, instead of 8.
- I reset the filter and looked in the grid view and saw that only 3 were grayed out and marked with the reject flag.
- I repeated this several more times with equally inconsistent results.
- Finally, I went back to my main computer, which was still running Lr Classic.  I paused the syncing in Lr Classic and went back to the other computer and repeated the flagging & filtering process in Lr Web.
- Every test with the sync paused in Lr Classic has worked as expected.  As soon as I turn sync on in Lr Classic though, behavior of Lr Web becomes inconsistent again.  

Just to be clear, I am making no changes in Lr Classic.  All flagging activity is being done on Lr Web on another computer.  It seems like Lr Classic's sync may be overwriting some of the changes being made in Lr Web.

Does this match up at all with what you were seeing when changing the ratings?
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Official Response
There's definitely a LrWeb caching issue here that I'm overdue in fixing. A page refresh will fix that issue -- we're basically just not clearing a cached view of the search when we should be.
The LrClassic issues you're describing don't sound good though. I'll make sure this gets passed onto that team for investigation. I've seen similar behavior quite some time ago, and if passing the LrClassic sync prevents the issues you're seeing it's likely the sync doing something it shouldn't be doing here.