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I really would like to be happy with these updates but find it very hard to get excited. The desktop version of Lightroom CC (which I am using right now) got two unexciting new features according to Adobe's blog post:
  • Set as Target Album (I already used this feature last week, so I don't understand what about it is new)
  • Sharing improvements (but still no password protected albums)
In all fairness, it doesn't list some smaller quality of life improvements that are explained on Victoria's blog here. Nonetheless these features are nowhere to be found in the top requests list on this forum, while Adobe's blog states: "This update contains a number of improvements based off of top customer feature requests as well as interface improvements and support for new cameras and lenses."

When will we see the real top requests implemented and can you please mark them either as under consideration or as not planned so we can make a better decision which product to use:
  1. Ability to sync Smart Collections/Albums (Lightroom CC / Mobile / (1104 upvotes)
  2. Ability to add watermarks to images (564)
  3. Ability to create virtual copies (226)
  4. Ability to copy/sync settings/adjustments across a group of photos (188) >>> IMPLEMENTED
  5. Develop Preset syncing between desktop and mobile (163) >>> IMPLEMENTED
  6. Please add face recognition (153) >>> IMPLEMENTED
  7. Ability to geotag photos (135)
  8. Ability to print (101)
  9. "Trash" Functionality (93) >>> UNDER CONSIDERATION
  10. Better support for comments and likes, in ALL publish services (90)
  11. Additional options needed when exporting (79) >>> UNDER CONSIDERATION
  12. Ability to bulk rename files 
  13. Selective Sync (71)
With 3 of the top 10 features implemented in 2018, this means that it will take another 2-3 years before the top requested features are implemented, if they will be implemented at all (which is not clear from the above since 8 out of 13 currently have no status attached to them). If I look at everything else that was added last year, I am starting to question if Lightroom CC is really envisioned and designed to replace Lightroom Classic at some point in the future.

TLDR; for me to continue to invest money and time in Lightroom CC, I really would like to see a roadmap of sorts, like proper statuses for requests on this forum, in particular with regards to the top 10 requested features on this forum which are still open as of today, and have been since Lightroom CC launched.

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Posted 2 years ago

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When you stated "I am starting to question if Lightroom CC is really envisioned and designed to replace Lightroom Classic at some point in the future..." I really hope your questioning turns out to be correct as there is no way I will ever switch from Lightroom Classic CC to a cloud-based application.

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I too have no intention of ever using Lightroom CC and cloud-based storage of my images. Restore the name of Lightroom to Lightroom Classic and rename the new Lightroom CC to Lighroom Toy CC.
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FWIW, the fact that (relatively) not much changed in this release historically means they're working on some bigger features that take longer than a single 2-month cycle. Without any inside info, some of the smaller stuff released so far (e.g. search tokens) could arguably  look like prep work for some of the bigger requested features (e.g. smart collections).
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What people forget is that the subscription plan changed the way software is upgraded as well. In the past, you would have a major upgrade with lots of new features every two or three years. In the time between these upgrades you would only get some bugfixes and new camera support. Now you get new features every two months, but obviously these cannot be of the same magnitude as the old upgrades. Lightroom CC exists for slightly more than one year now, so with the old upgrade cycle we would still be using Lightroom CC version 1 with some bugfixes...
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I feel the same way here.

It can be disappointing when the updates arriving are not matching what sets to be requests for certain functions being ignored as a priority.

For me the number one is virtual copies in Lightroom CC, which in a non-destructive workflow app would seem like a very basic need, as is printing something. Being able to use some third party editors would also be useful. And the Trash function, that really needs sorting as does the messy way albums and collections are synced.

These to me are far more of a priority than 'People/Faces', or other stuff I never use.

On the other hand, if it was possible to upload originals to the cloud from Lightroom Classic, that would change things there too.

For what I generally find is one of the best photo management and editing tools there is, and is certainly the best value there is, it is also frustrating that some very fundamental functions are missing from what is supposed to be the next level of development for the future of our image processing needs. Ones which should have been part of V1.0, and not maybe being considered or implemented over a year later.

I don't want to sound very critical, but these are all functionality that I want to see in Lightroom CC, so that I can make use of the cloud storage and syncing to different devices, with the same degree of capability I have with my locally stored catalogue in 'Classic'. I just want to see Lightroom CC be the best photo management tool there is - Lightroom Classic already probably is that, but without full cloud storage options.

To be quite frank, I have a much longer list of 'wants' and 'needs' for Lightroom CC, but to simplify it, Lightroom Classic with the ability to upload originals to the cloud would be what I would like to see as a final result.

All the best.