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Currently, when using Lightroom Classic you cannot delete files to a folder.  Either you permanently delete them from the hard drive (not the best option if you make an error) or it just removes it from the Library and you need to figure out how to delete them later.  It is not an easy method for a powerful program.  Here are my 3 suggestions (the last being my preference):  1.  Make it so you can set up your choice in the preferences ahead of time (Remove or Delete Permanently) so you don't have to choose every time you press delete.  Editing will be faster  2.  Give an option for the delete to go into the computer's trash bin and then you can deleted them later, like Bridge does so easily.  3. Or, my best solution, since we can create folders in Library, give us the ability to set a path to that folder so that when we press delete it goes to the designated folder on that hard drive.  Then we can always go back and review them, delete them permanently or easily drag and drop back to the original folder the ones we deleted by mistake.  This path can be changed if you want for each project you are working on. Then you can get rid of the whole option of delete or remove. This will speed up the editing process.
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Posted 3 months ago

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I'm running LR Classic on a Windows 10 platform and my deleted photos are being put in the Windows 10 Recycle Bin. I think it depends on your platform and whether or not the Recycle Bin is enabled for the drive where your photos are stored.
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It will do that if the photos you are editing are on the computer's hard drive, but not if they are on an external drive.
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Even external drives should be able to have a Recycle Bin though it may be hidden by default. Check out
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I personally have never had problems deleting photos(that are stored on an external drive) from Lightroom and restoring them from the Recycle Bin. I then went to the folder in Lightroom and synced it to get the files back in Lightroom Classic. 
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Only if the external drive is formatted in a format that DOES NOT Support a Recycle Bin.

If you are running Window the drive must be formatted NTFS.
For Mac it must be formatted in the MAC format.

Your external drives are probably formatted FAT 32 or exFAT.
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And if you need extra control in this proces (besides the recycle bin) there is always the ‘reject’ option.
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Is it too cumbersome to create your own folder on any drive you wish to be your "LR Trash" folder and then just drag images there rather than hitting the delete button?  If you want to take it one step further, you can periodically select that folder and either "remove" or "delete" images as desired.
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Using the "Reject" flag associated with a filter that shows only "picked" and "neutral" does exatly that.
Once the filter is activated, pressing "X" makes the photos being removed from the display, but still present in the catalog. At any time, you can revert back by showing the rejected photos and removing the Reject flag.
Then, you can permanently remove the rejected photos at once, by using the menu "Photo">"Suppress rejected photos" (or the shortcut <Ctrl>+<Backspace>)