Lightroom should honor in-camera preview file

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Lightroom overrides RAW previews; it should not.
This came up because my son is intentionally shooting a lot of black and white for a class; they are mixed in with other photos. Lightroom overrides the preview / thumbnail and rebuilds them as color, so it's impossible to see which photos were intentionally shot as black and white.
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Realistically, digital cameras shooting B&W are just desaturating the color image. It is best practice to shoot color and use post production (LR or PS) to convert to B&W. This way you have some control over how the different color families are actually desaturated making far better B&W than you will ever get from a digital camera.
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The previews seen in the camera are the embedded JPEG preview that is part of each raw image. The black and white setting is an in-camera adjustment that Lightroom does not read because every camera maker stores those settings differently. If your son needs to intentionally shoot black and white for a class then he should probably shoot JPEG or use the manufacturer's raw converter for those specific images.
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So I'm no technical expert but I had always thought RAW previews were based on the camera software.  If you wanted to get what you see in the camera then it has been my understanding you should be shooting in jpeg.  Is there any software the reproduces exact "settings" of the RAW preview on the camera when viewed on the computer?  Perhaps the manufacturers provided software?  Like I said, I could be so far off on my understanding of RAW processing that I could be in outer Siberia.  
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There is no raw preview. Raw image data is not pixel-based and must be converted using a raw converter such as Lightroom, Camera Raw, or other raw converters. The only preview that exists in a raw image is an embedded JPEG preview. If you want your raw images to look like that preview then you need to use the manufacturer's software.  They design their software to read their raw settings. Lightroom has to provide support for many different makes of cameras, so it's necessary to ignore the in-camera settings.

When images are first imported into Lightroom the embedded JPEG preview is displayed  while Lightroom  generates a preview of the raw image data. That's the way it has always been, and probably will always be until such time as all of the camera makers agree on a standard raw format. Now there's something you should lobby for.