Lightroom Should Allow a Custom Start # for Same-Name Files, or start at -01

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I rename my files upon import using the capture date as my main structure, followed by a number. It is important to me that the numbers to restart with each new date, so using image #, sequence #, or import # does not work. As of now, I choose to let Lightroom automatically enter a number after the filename to prevent duplicate names. Here's what I get:
Photo #1) YYYY-MM-DD.CR2
Photo #2) YYYY-MM-DD-2.CR2
Photo #3) YYYY-MM-DD-3.CR2 and so on

Seems, OK, but I run into several problems:

1) When sorting by filename the files are displayed as Photo 2, 3..., 1. It's gotta be something about the first image not having a -# after the file name that's throwing it out of order. This messes up my finder structure as well as the way I import to client galleries. Seems like such a simple fix, and yet...

2) I also run into problems with lightroom's auto numbering system in some Professional Printing Ordering systems that will reorder my files as -1,-11...-2, -22...-3, -33....

3) In addition, when renaming a large batch of already imported images from multiple dates, allowing lightroom to add its own number is catastrophically failing- it is making up starting numbers and skipping numbers in between. Not sure if it reads the number in the dates and decides to continue from there, but it is NOT starting at "...-2.CR2". Quite a disaster... When I add a sequence/image number instead, the images are nicely renamed, but the number does not restart with a new date, so I'd have to rename chunks of files that fall on the same date, one date at a time, in order to get what I'm after. Not a solution at this point.

Here is my suggestion:
Allow me to choose a starting number for files with duplicate names AND the amount of digits I need (as of now it is grayed out or not available). It would be similar to the image/sequence and import #, except it will apply to ALL files with the same name INCLUDING the first file (not just to the first duplicate name, as it is doing now).

Photo #1) YYYY-MM-DD-01.CR2
Photo #2) YYYY-MM-DD-02.CR2
Photo #3) YYYY-MM-DD-03.CR2

I realize in this small example that using the image/sequence/or import # would seem to solve my problem, however in reality it would not. I import images from multiple date ranges at a time, and I do not want the numbers to appear like there are more images from a certain date range than there actually are (because the numbers keep increasing throughout the import/renaming process without regard to date).
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