Lightroom: Second monitor uses incorrect pixel dimensions

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Setup: Windows 8.1 and Lightroom 5.7.1 running on a Dell quad-HD "4K" laptop with external HDMI monitor (WUXGA size = much smaller pixel dimensions than the 4K). Windows primary display is the 4K (has taskbar). Important: Lightroom is launched fullscreen on either of the displays.

Lightroom seems to be using the wrong pixel dimensions for the second monitor, and is incorrectly assuming that the second monitor has the same pixel dimensions as the monitor LR is launched on.

With LR launched on the 4K display, the second monitor Loupe view on the WUXGA screen is clipped, showing only the top right corner of the Loupe. This is as if LR thought the external monitor was also 4K. This holds true for Survey, Compare and Grid on the second monitor.

With LR launched on the WUXGA monitor, the second monitor Loupe view comes up in a small window on the top left of the 4K display, as if LR thought the 4K display was only WUXGA.

Video card is GeForce GT 750M and drivers are the latest signed version. Windows updates have been applied.

Possible clue #1: if LR is launched in a window (rather than fullscreen) on either display, then Shift-E Loupe view works fine. LR continues with completely normal behavior even if the LR window is maximized to fullscreen. This is my workaround for now: always "restore down" Lightroom to a window before exiting the application.

Possible clue #2: if the taskbar is in Auto Hide and LR is launched on the Windows primary display, the Lightroom second monitor Loupe view works correctly. It continues to work correctly even after the taskbar is switched back to not Auto Hide, until LR is exited. This fix does not work when LR is launched on WIndows secondary monitor (the one without the taskbar).
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Posted 4 years ago

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Hello Thomas

I have the very same problem with a 4K mainscreen and 1080p secondary. When I use Grid on secondary, it takes the pixel dimensions(1080p?) and puts them on Loupe on the 4K mainscreen.

Its only in Grid/Library combo, not in Grid/Develope combo, for me.

Funny thing though, its not all photos, just the majority (1 out of 20ish might be showing in true size).

It really bugs me, since I have this tiny preview on my mainscreen :-(

I am on a mac, and my library is optimized and with 1:1 preview in 2880 pixels.